Dr. Leonard Horowitz's "Censored" Newsletter


I mailed six previous newsletters to you, and each was censored. Six different 'Big Tech' companies blocked efforts, my paid mailing services. So much for the globalist "liberal" "woke" genocidalists who are "pro choice." Mandatory vaccines? Pro choice?

The censor did not want you to receiving my life-saving information about vaccines in general; not only the COVID "clot shots." Reality-checking, consciousness-raising intelligence is what I labor with LOVE to mail you. Each Big Tech censor claimed my information "violates community standards." (Barbara Loe Fisher, Director of the National Vaccine Information Center, said the same thing twenty years ago when she censored my "radical" vaccination intoxication opposition.)

What "community" are they referencing? Satanically-possessed criminal-psychopaths complicit in profitable depopulation vaccinecide? The 'war-mongers' banking on global genocide in the name of "democracy," "freedom," "public health," "pro-life," "pro-choice," and "National Security"? Is this the censoring "community"?

Each Big Tech mercenary company, including MailChimp, Constant Contact, SendInBlue, Square, and others censored and blocked my mailings to you, my linked articles, and my latest videos. That is why you have not heard from me for the past six months.

Now, I am attempting to reach you via my NEW PRIVATE SERVER. The censors can "go _______." I'm still here! And I'm still in LOVE with GOD! It has been said, "If God is for you, who can stand against you?" Celebrate with me victory! My friends and righteous colleagues already do.

I, and "OxySilver with 528" oppose the devil-doers--Big Tech, Big Pharma, and Big Banking advancing the 'Great Global Reset," "Transhumanism," and the "Neurolink" (i.e., the "brain-Cloud connection" advancing bio-electronic vaccine hydrogels. OxySilver with 528 power competes against the genocidalists' vaccinations and antibiotics, making them obsolete. This is one of the main reasons for their censoring me.

The devil-doers mercenaries (including Dr. Anthony Fauci) need to be shot in the fore-brain by a laser light delivering "LOVE/528." Only then might they stop creating, imposing, and controlling diseases (and misrepresenting this as "healthcare.")

The Military-Medical-Petrochemical-Pharmaceutical-Banksters

As you have been repeatedly informed by 'yours truly,' there really is only one demonically-driven enemy of humankind. Behind the "Deep State" stands the 'banksters' and their globalist (racketeering) enterprise. The major 'private equity investment firms' that leverage wealth for the mega-wealthy (e.g., Blackrock, Vanguard, Apollo Mgmt. etc.) control their criminal cartel to advance their globalist agenda. This includes the "Great Global Reset," and "transhumanist" takeover of civilization.

As the news media now directs your attention to Elon Musk's "Twitter Takeover," they conceal Elon Musk's "NEUROLINK" advancing to connect your brain to the cloud. Their scheme includes harvesting your DNA to serve commercially for "data storage." No crueler, deadlier, more damaging, and treasonous act is happening now.

The devil-doer's own neurology is 'switched.' These are psychopaths, akin to serial killers. They control the "National Security Crime Syndicate" in Russia, China, the Middle East, Europe, Canada and America. They are responsible for the vast amounts of pain, suffering, illnesses, evil and money laundering ongoing, targeting civilization with profitable depopulation and bioelectronic enslavement.

How do I know for sure? I have an appellate court case against this cartel in Hawaii ongoing that you can read about on JudicialCorruptionNews.com. The Bidens' Ukrainain Burisma energy conglomerate stole my neighbor's property as well. You can read all about this criminal activity that caused Sherri Kane's death. Their scheme was similar in both cases. The "king pin," a CIA and FBI operative, Paul J. Sulla, Jr. used forgery in both cases. Then the Democrat-controlling devil-doing lawmakers, courts, and prosecutors went along with Sulla's crimes of forgery and grand theft.

The Miracle of Faithful Prayer and Loving Intention

Peace on earth is coming. The faithful know this. But not before 'Babylon's Fall.'

To establish Peace on Earth (superseding the 'madness' we increasingly witness), faithful prayer-power is required. Your relationship with God is required for this action. And the more of us praying, the better!

We literally need a MIRACLE to get us out of this globalist mess.  And that is what God promised.

"So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand." (Isaiah 41:10; that is a "MIracle 6" [in the Creator's musical language understood through 'mystery school' math.])

The prophesied 1,000 years of world peace and prosperity shall soon be witnessed by the faithful loving "remnant" following the 'great die off.' Ignorant, agnostic, demonically-dispossessed, submissive slaves shall perish by the billions. These 'sheeple' are now being 'herded to their slaughter.' Bbaaaaaaaaah! Come get your "free vaccines."

I remind you also of Psalm 91:7 that promises protection for those enlightened. Listen if you are faithful. Commune divinely with our Source of Sustenance--your Creator--the Master Conductor and Genius Composer of the Universal Orchestra. The Creator's Holy Spirit Power of Divine Love (i.e., Ruauch Ha Kodesh in Hebrew) manifests miracles in the frequency of "LOVE/528"--the "key of the house of David" (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8). God promised this key will open doors that no man can close, providing metaphysical protection for physical salvation. Act on this to secure your salvation now:

"A thousand shall fall at thy side, and ten thousand at thy right hand; but it shall not come nigh thee." (Psalm 91:7)

Nuclear Strike in New York, Los Angeles, or Where You Live? How About an EBOLA-COVID mutant? Mask-this!

Most important questions asked by members in my community include, "Will the war in the Ukraine lead to nuclear/biochemical annihilation of civilization?" And what about the likelihood of a lab mutant from Russia or Ukraine loosed by the oligarchs?

"How can we survive?"

The answers lie in FAITH, and not in the "mid-term elections." And I say this as someone who should have died several times. I suppose I was SAVED to send you this message. This great news (i.e., the 'modern gospel').

During the past several weeks on Republic Broadcasting Network (RBN), on John Moore's excellent show, callers raised such questions, and I shared my answers to many of these most pressing issues.

As John Moore's regular guest (on Thursday mornings, at 9am EST) we have heralded the metaphysics and spiritual dynamics of physical salvation through Divine communion. That features the "key of the house of David" (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8) 528Hz/nm. That energy portal, a "door" (that no man can open or close) is a spiritual gateway to the parallel dimension of LOVE--"The Universal Healer." By the grace of God (and protective angels) this portal opens when your faithful life is threatened. That is God's Contract, codified by FAITH. This seals your survival.  As I expressed to John's audience, this Contract is the only way we will survive a nuclear blast or the biochemical weapons emerging now, or sure to be forthcoming.

The lesson is that FAITH secures your sustenance in relationship with God. Without it you have no relationship, and you can't expect miracles, or miraculous salvation: physical or spiritual. The "Miracle of Faith", in your heart (resonating at 528Hz) is the only sure way to survive what's coming.

John Moore and I listen to 528Radio.com all the time for the "LOVE528 PROTECTION."

You can click below to listen to four of the most imporant John Moore Show archives. . . .




For the past quarter century I have been whistleblowing on the vaccine cartel and warning audiences about the dangers of vaccines. My contemporaries were the greatest and most pioneering activists in this field, Dr. Meyer Eisenstein and Dr. Robert Mendelsohn.

"The VAXXED ZOMBIES MOVIE" broadcasting on RevolutionTelevision.net details the pathogenic process by which vaccine antigens cause hundreds of diseases, including myriad cancers. I am beyond a 'vaccine hesitant' 'anti-vaxxer.' I am the best-credentialed most-prolific VACCINE ABOLISHIONIST in the world. I oppose vaccinations not only for the genocides they inflict, and ravages such as autism and cancers they cause, but because the healthcare paradigm imposed by the 'medical-petrochemical-pharmaceutical cartel' is SHATTERED by advances such as "OxySilver with 528 frequency."

You are a spiritual being, before you are a physical being. Spiritual beings are most powerfully and effectively treated spiritually, bio-energetically, using the 528Hz/nm frequency of sound and light. "LOVE is the Universal Healer." Put that bio-spiritual energy into water memory, as I pioneered with OxySilver, and you have a 'double superconductor' of the Universal Healer, the powerful "LOVE/528" frequency.  

That is why I urge people to add 'prayer power' (and faithful loving intention to heal)  when they take "3 capfuls of OxySilver." Most spirit-filled (born again) people who use my products with prayer, as prescribed, experience astonishingly fast recoveries. Every product I invent or bring to market features the LOVE/528 frequency. Read The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, and you will know why this "MIracle frequency" by God's grace prompts miraculous healings.