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 “528 Life” vs “AI Death”: Award-winning Doctor Lectures to Arrest Frequency Warfare, Artificial Intelligence, and Depopulation Plot


Amsterdam (7-5-18)—Addressing the problems of burgeoning populations, illegal immigration, and man-made diseases linked to pollution and intoxications from “modern medicine”—drugs and vaccines—an multi-award winning doctor is lecturing for justice.

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz works to arrest the leading militarists waging “frequency warfare” while advancing artificial intelligence (AI) and a depopulation plot. He advances solutions to globally-witnessed degeneration of cultures and environments that he derives from “musical mathematics.”

Dr. Horowitz is multi-award winning author, filmmaker, and whistleblower. He has conducted a series of European lectures heralding the frequency of “528 LIFE” as the alternative to death by petro-chemical poisonings and “Artificial Intelligence (AI)”.

In “528 LIFE: The Miracle Technology Frequency Enrichment Workshop for Better Businesses & Relationships,” the Harvard-trained public health expert examines competing movements, both hot topics in today’s technology, theology, and entertainment industries. Nature and the Creator’s creative technology verses man-made technologies. The former features the “528 Frequency” of sound and light at the heart of rainbows. Alternatively, the “AI Death Cult” features the “741Hz Frequency ‘Devil’s Tone’” in musicology.

Horowitz, the pioneer advancing, explains that 741Hz music that is commonly produced in “standard tuning” generates dissonance, distress, and disease. When coupled with environmental and social risks such as pollution and medical intoxication, premature demise is certain.

“Military neuroscience” advanced at MIT, Harvard and Stanford applies frightful media manipulations, including frequencies in telecommunications and damaging propaganda to conceal corporate crimes and generally neglected depopulation activities. This ‘hidden agenda’ is concealed by “Deep State” devil-doers who claim they are working for humanity’s good.

Horowitz advances a cure. The 528 “Miracle Frequency” of the original Solfeggio scale can be used as a remedy, he insists.

Given knowledge in “528 healing science,” the entrepreneurial doctor advances “medicinal music,” “therapeutic art,” healing equipment, homeopathic remedies, uplifting fashions, bio-energizing jewelry and much more to solve the overwhelming problem of civilization’s degeneration.

“The ‘AI Death Cult’ manufactures frightening realities through its media and wireless technologies all administered using ‘dissonant frequencies,’ the Horowitz explains. “In music, the damaging and distressing frequencies of A=440Hz and F#=741Hz,” have been imposed, effectively institutionalized.”

After examining standard Western World tuning and the explosion in communications technologies he concludes these distressing assaults impact health, safety, and immunity.

These frequencies also isolate you more and more from your family, friends, community, and innate spirituality by engaging you more and more in a “technotronic reality,” Horowitz warns. Here you are subjected to “frequency warfare” via cell phones, iPads and televisions.

This is all aided-and-abetted by “evil obedient” broadcasters and corporate officials profiting from the distressing and degenerative AI Death Cult.

AI Degenerative Neuroscience and the Remedy

“Artificial Intelligence (‘AI’) and military neuroscience cuts at the core of humanity’s survival against ‘technotronics,’ ‘frequency warfare,’  and ‘information warfare’ best demonstrated by deadly drug ads and ‘fake news’ networks manipulating the mass mind and CULTure that is causing you to question and modify your view of ‘reality,’” Dr. Horowitz lectures.

He points to another tell-tale sign of AI personified by Jim Carey, who the doctor describes as “a Hollywood stooge assigned to advertise the emerging alternative ‘tripped-out’ psychedelic view of ‘reality’ benefiting the Deep State’s multi-national corporate takeover of human consciousness by robotics for a Madison Avenue indoctrinated human race.”

Now add to these realities the 5G American telecommunications movement threatening to amplify dramatically the “electrosoup” imposed by wireless devices on susceptible humans. Already millions of victims constantly “hear” a high-pitched screech in their brains replacing naturally-calming “white noise.” 5G’s generally neglected health risks will fry humanity beyond coping capacities many experts warn.

Dr. Horowitz’s solution involves the “Love 528 paradigm shift.” This is already visible in the music industry, and in natural medicine, transforming recording artistry and clinical practices faster and more powerfully than any movement in history courtesy of the Internet, prophecy, and “Divine Design,” says the author of The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE.

Horowitz’s inspired movement engages people in “matrix math” that  controls natural evolution, especially evolving consciousness, despite Deep State resistance and self-imposed limitations.

“The frequency of 528Hz touches and opens people’s hearts while calming people’s minds and egos to support self-improvement and healthy sustainability,” said Sherri Kane—the doctor’s partner in a not-for-profit music frequency transposition service operating by public support.

528 LifeThe prolific couple questions traditional values, ethics, morals, philosophies and spiritual theologies challenged by AI.  What about Maslow’s hierarchy of human needs wherein “love and belonging” among real people is paramount to self-esteem and actualizing personal passions? “Is it too late to save civilization by heralding the 528 frequency that celebrates the Creator’s miracle-making reality evidenced throughout nature?” Kane asks.

More importantly, how can you enrich your relationships and businesses with more “LOVE/528” in your life? How can you think and grow rich developing 528 technologies to benefit your family and society in the real world? These are questions being addressed by the couple during their series of presentations across Europe this summer. They claim this is a once-in-a-lifetime chance to advance relationships and businesses by awakening, raising consciousness, and mastering the Creator’s creative technology for miracle-making using the “Key of the House of David” (Issiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8)—the “pure tone of love”—528 frequency musical-mathematics.




To view Sherri Kane’s introduction to Dr. Horowitz’s Amsterdam presentation, and Part 1 of the doctor’s lecture explaining the origin of the “528LOVERevolution”, CLICK HERE.

To view Part 2 of Dr. Horowitz’s presentation wherein he explains “The Problem,” CLICK HERE.

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More About the “528 Revolutionaries”

528 LifeDr. Horowitz is recognized internationally as the best-credentialed, most prolific, controversial and articulate pharmaceutical industry whistleblower and consumer advocate. Prior to becoming Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas online journal, this Harvard and Tufts University trained expert in public health published more than twenty books, including three American bestsellers, dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles and six feature-length documentaries including: In Lies We Trust: the CIA, Hollywood & Bioterrorism; PharmaWhores: The Showtime Sting of Penn & Teller; and the “Best Film-2016” in London and Geneva (World International Film Festival) competitions titled UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro.

528 LifeDr. Horowitz’s 528 Key Movie and The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE pioneered the concept of using “528 frequency ‘medicinal music’” to improve healthcare and recording artistry. His voluminous Internet presence and popularity has prompted a revolution in the entertainment industry, causing celebrities including Bono and Jay-Z to “tune up” from A=440Hz standard tuning to A=444/C=528Hz in featured albums.

The doctor’s works are also evident in a number of Hollywood productions, including Will Smith’s I am Legend, Oprah Winfrey’s A Wrinkle in Time and Christopher Nolan’s Inception movie featuring 528 frequency themes impacting reality and intervening in the competition between good and evil and light versus darkness.

Many of the doctor’s lectures and video productions are featured on, with frequency intelligence provided on Dr. Horowitz’s celebrity and success as a health educator and natural products entrepreneur has contributed greatly to expanding “consciousness” globally. His therapeutic inventions and 528 frequency applications show Dr. Horowitz and his partner, Sherri Kane, are world leading innovators.

Their and the network remasters and continuously broadcasts a dozen listener-supported genres of music in 528Hz. Dr. Horowitz’s press kit is available for a free download, and sign-ups for his Healthy World Newsletter free subscription is available at (Subscribers are given free advanced viewings of his latest films.)

Sherri Kane is an investigative journalist who defected from Fox News in Los Angeles to join Dr. Horowitz’s Healthy World organization. The consummate advocate for women’s, children’s and animal’s rights, Sherri launched the “Conscious Species Channel” on, and is the Associate Editor of Medical Veritas online journal. Sherri co-authored numerous articles and several books with Dr. Horowitz, including Space Pearl Harbor, the Las Vegas Deep State Massacre, the Ayahuasca Death Cult, and their work in progress Zion Gold: The Secret Kingdom.