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Looking for a natural pain reliever or opioid alternative? Try this long-lasting bottle of CBD528–a powerful CBD homeopathic formula that we guarantee will help relieve your pain, fear and distress patterns, or your money back!


Why you never heard about CBD528: Officials suppressed this “homeo-alchemy” technology because it works! Not because it is “illegal.”

When sellers of CBD528 homeopathic opioid substitute began advertising this product their bank immediately threatened to close their account. They claimed “the government” outlawed all CBD advertising, even homeopathic advertising!

So outraged by this hypocrisy and deadly drug monopoly, the famous Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz who staked his award-winning reputation on bringing this product to market, wrote an open complaint to President Trump and Attorney General Jeffrey Sessions.

“Surely, as intelligent people,” the Harvard-trained health expert wrote, “you have knowledge of homeopathic medicines, and their preferred use over chemo-pharmaceuticals by European royals for centuries. By integrating 528-frequency resonance technologies to my homeopathic developments, I have been helping to solve the opioid crisis by providing a low-cost natural pain and depression remedy branded CBD528.”

But, the doctor’s complaints to the White House and Justice Department went unanswered.

CBD528 has since been precluded from general commerce by e-Merchant, a leading e-banking gateway identified by Dr. Horowitz in his open complaint to officials. The bankers “threatened to terminate our commercial account if we did not stop advertising CBD528,” Dr. Horowitz reported.  He then blew the whistle on “the enforcement branches of the federal government and the banking industry” that “allegedly allied to commit Sherman Anti-Trust Act violations” to secure a drug-industry monopoly over healthcare.”Thereby,” Dr. Horowitz concluded, online merchant banks are contributing to the opioid death toll.”

Violators are growing the deadly drug culture under the guise of regulating natural remedies, and falsely alleging risk-free homeopathics are “controlled substances” or “unproven.”

The banking gateway, E-Merchant, replied to the doctor:  “We need to remove all products that are related to CBD even if it is in a diluted form. The product is marketed as a CBD product, and there is no possible way to monitor if it is actually CBD or not.”

Have we missed something? Has the U.S. Congress authorized banking officials to act as a regulatory arm in place of the Food and Drug Administration?

Summarily, CBD528 homeopathic, that contains no trace of CBD whatsoever (i.e., legitimate homeopathics never contain any of the original source substance), is being denied interstate trade and potential to help millions of people relieve pain, anxiety, and distress causing massive unnecessary suffering, suicides, and the “opioid emergency.” (Or should we say “opium hypocrisy”?) These illegal and unethical e-commerce restrictions obviously defy the government’s stated policies.


Big Pharma’s Addicting, Depressing, and Deadly Monopoly

“Snake oil” salesmen did not give traveling medicine shows and herbal elixirs their bad reputations. BIG PHARMA did. Multinational corporate drug pushers controlling “modern medicine” partnered with chemical companies to squelch homeopathic and chiropractic medicine. They belittled Chinese acupuncture, overtook the natural health products industry, demonized herbal remedies, suppressed various “alternative therapies” smeared as “quackery,” and even disparaged religions. They claimed prayer and spiritual practices, East and West, were useless. And this is how Big Pharma created and now control their illegal monopoly over “healthcare.” Ughh!



CBD528 bottle4We began the process of creating CBD528 drug-free (and drug-freeing) homeopathic, by selecting the best, purist, white crystal CBD hemp (cannabidiol isolate), even though we wanted the finished product to be free of chemical CBD.  We knew science proved efficacy of CBD isolates (C1 and C2)(1) against a variety of illnesses; especially pain, depression, and emotional distress. And we knew homeopathic science taught we could extract those values “energetically,” and theoretically generate the same effects of CBD on body, mind, emotions and spirit, but without retaining any of the chemical in the final product. (That is, only the “resonance energy signature” of the CBD would deliver the effects.)

We did this for a number of reasons, including costs and benefits. We knew that people are generally intoxicated, “over-drugged,” and hard pressed to afford expensive CBD products. Alternatively, CBD-free homeopathic CBD528, we knew by following standard homeopathic protocols, could deliver a better life for users, without adding more drugs or chemicals to your body.

Then we pioneered “homeo-alchemy” to prove to you, and the rest of the world, how misguided Big Pharma and “drug-based” medicine is for neglecting the power of 528 frequencies of sound and light for “bio-spiritual healing.” We applied this revolutionary knowledge in the fastest growing consumer market in healthcare, leveraging pure white crystallized hemp extract with the greenish-yellow “528-energized” heart of the rainbow.

Marijuana has clearly achieved widespread medical acceptance for its THC components, and CBD isolates from hemp are beginning to do the same. CBD, pictured here in its crystallized form, is a compound extracted from hemp Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 9.48.13 AMthat does not cause psychotropic effects like THC, but demonstrates related beneficial impacts as detailed below. Here, emerging scientific discoveries prompted the introduction of CBD528 combining chemistry and alchemy with homeopathy for personal healthcare. Skeptics opposed to homeopathic medicines say they are worthless for two main reasons: (1) They are supposedly peddled by “snake oil salesmen,” because they don’t contain any chemicals in their water-based solutions; and (2) the dogma that water cannot hold an electrical charge.


dr_horowitz_at_podiumThe first argument posed by skeptics was well refuted by public health expert Dana Ullman, as published by the Huffington Post. And the second argument was totally and visibly proven wrong in 2008 by the pioneer of “homeo-alchemy,” and co-formulator of CBD528, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, at the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine (A4M) convention in Las Vegas (Click HERE to view now.) Dr. Horowitz literally repeatedly “shocked” several volunteers from a large medical audience using one single liter of water “charged” and “structured” with “LOVE/528.”


Furthermore, the notion that homeopathics contain “nothing” chemical to produce any effect was solidly discredited by many scientists, especially Jacques Benveniste, who gave the world the slogan ‘the memory of water.’ (Click HERE to read now.) Benveniste, who met with Dr. Horowitz to share their discoveries, scientifically-reproduced immuno-resistance to infectious diseases using homeopathic dilutions with no trace of the original substance in the remedy. The editor of Nature that published Beneveniste’s paper, John Maddox, editorialized his surprise with his caption, ‘When to believe the unbelievable.’ (2)


Unfortunately, Maddox prejudicially misrepresented in his editorial, “There is no objective explanation of these observations.” The fact is, Dr. Horowitz (and others) objectively demonstrated clearly and convincingly that energies generated by electromagnetic fields can structure and charge water so powerfully that electrons vibrating in the sacred geometry of the water (tetrahedrons and hexagons) in solution can act like a “liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light”; much like silicone chips store memory (of data) in computers.


hertzDr. Horowitz went on to explain two more important facts: (1) The heart of sunshine–528nm of light–is the heart of nature, reflected in chlorophyll that gives plants their greenish-yellow color, and produces the alkalizing, rejuvenating, and healing oxygen in the air we breathe; and (2) “holy water” is, and can be, acoustically explained and “programmed” to vibrate with 528 frequencies of sound and light that can be stored in the “structured water” to relay the most powerful natural healing and relaxing vibrations on earth to benefit users.



Dr. Horowitz contracted with NASA science entrepreneurs to take their astronaut protection product to a higher level. Dr. Horowitz contributed to their formula, and branded “OxySilver” resonating in 528Hz/nm using NASA’s bottle_oxysilver_reduced_layeredmost advanced “covalently-bonded  silver-hydrosol.” Horowitz pioneered the development of a double superconductor (silver-bonded-to-water) directing healing energy matching the “good vibration” of chlorophyll and your heart (in faithful loving prayer), both in sync with the heart of nature. OxySilver demonstrated “practical alchemy in modern medicine”–water made to combat infectious diseases and at the same time deliver “electro-genetic messages” using the sound, light, and electromagnetic fields at the heart of universal construction, and also at the heart of your prayers to administer “LOVE,”  the “Universal Healer.” (3)


Dr. Horowitz’s Invention: Water that Delivers LOVE Through Homeo-alchemy

Homeopathic medicine is introduced above considering water that is “programmed” to deliver a certain energy sourcing originally from a plant, or other substance. For example, a homeopathic containing molecules of water vibrating in 528Hz frequency–the third note of the original Solfeggio musical scale (or “MI” tone short for “miracles”)–might be expected to produce miraculous healing in users. And indeed it does. These miracles are evidenced by the massive and growing number of reports from OxySilver users worldwide, reporting their miraculous healings. (Click HERE to read some now.)

Alchemy, on the other hand, is defined by Google (that is partnered with the drug cartel) as: “the medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir.” In essence, Dr. Horowitz pioneered that “universal elixir” in 528 resonating OxySilver. That is, Dr. Horowitz invented a “universal solvent” that is universally effective against all kinds of infectious diseases according to the aforementioned testimonials, but does even more. The OxySilver solution vibrates with LOVE–the most powerful healing and sustaining energy at the heart of the universe. Dr.Horowitz transformed the electro-chemistry of water by converting simple oxygen (in H2O) to a electrical superconductor resonating LOVE–the “Universal Healer.” In summary, Dr. Horowitz’s invention transforms simple water into powerful healing medicine as a demonstration of modern alchemy.


What CBD528 is

CBD528 is a powerful homeo-alchemy solution that turns the “lead” of pain, anxiety, and depression into the “gold” of physical, mental, emotional, and social wellness. CBD528 is a solution of pure steam-distilled water re-energized and “structured” using 528Hz frequency of sound, 528nm of light, 528Hz-resonating electrogmagnetic fields, coupled with prayer during manufacture, and supplemented by homeopathic amounts of CBD isolates combined with pure “flower essences.” CBD528 contains the electro-dynamic essences of willow, wild rose, gorse and olive. These four flower essences have been used for centuries for a variety of healing purposes as detailed below. In essence, CBD528 supercharges the homeopathic resonance energy of these wonderful remedies with those of pure crystalline CBD, supercharged by silver-bonded-to-water.


What CBD528 is guaranteed to do for you

CBD528 can be relied upon to inexpensively and rapidly prompt the physical, mental, emotional, and social effects traditionally observed or experienced with the “universal remedy’s” active ingredients, as detailed below. Overall, CBD528 is indicated for people seeking to gain a greater sense of inner peace–living in “The Zone” of quiet witness and healthy detachment to the circumstances that commonly cause stress, distress, and disease.*




Digestive Aid

CBD stimulates appetite according to the National Cancer Institute.  CBD has also been reported to ease nausea and vomiting. This is especially helpful for individuals enduring chemotherapy and other poisonous treatments for serious diseases.


CBDs bind to CB1 receptors in the body to relieve pain, as reported in the journal of the American Epilepsy Society.  CBD has also been shown to reduce swelling due to its anti-inflammatory actions.

Anxiety Relief

CBD is believed to help alleviate severe anxiety due to social discord.  Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder, SAD for short, is a common anxiety disorder damaging people’s lives.

In a 2011 study, scientists recorded the CBD group showed significantly reduced anxiety compared with a control group. They noted reduced mental dysfunction and emotional discomfort while performing socially.

The National Institute of Mental Health has reported nearly 15 million Americans have a fear of socializing. And this was before the many acts of terror broadcast by the distressing media. Approximately 6.8 million Americans have generalized anxiety disorders. It has been reported that treatment with CBD may be preferred over anti-depressants due to its quick action and lacking side effects. There are also no withdrawal symptoms. With CBD528, the enhanced homeopathic effects provide lasting benefits.


Cancer Spread

The National Cancer Institute has detailed studies confirming the anti-tumor effects of CBD. It has been claimed that CBDs may inhibit cancer cell growth. A breast cancer study by the California Pacific Medical Center suggests that CBD may “turn off” damaged genes preventing cancers’ spread (i.e., metastasis).



Research at the University of Cologne in Germany found CBD relieves symptoms of schizophrenia, widespread in the United States.



According to the oldest most-trusted name in flower essence therapy, Dr. Edward Bach, Willow essence is great for people suffering from “self-pity” and “resentment.” People who “judge life . . . by the success which it brings,” and are commonly faithless, or placed their faith on temporal successes, feel this remedy relieves this pattern, including feeling resentful and bitter about their lives. Those in need of Willow begrudge others’ successes and happiness.


WillowThe Willow remedy encourages renewed optimism and faith. Willow helps even stingy people feel and act more generous towards others. By taking Willow, you are likely to become more aware of this pattern of negative thinking; and how this self-sabotage attracts the ill-fortunes complained about.



Wild RoseThis flower essence is for downtrodden people who drift in apathy, or who have resigned themselves to be less than fulfilled in life due to the challenges they faced, having given up the struggle.

In this state of resignation and self-defeat, the sad person commonly doesn’t complain or act unhappy. Instead the sufferer shrugs his/her shoulders, concedes to defeat, and simply drifts along.

Wild Rose helps restore your interest in life, and seeds a “happy-go-lucky” attitude about life and its challenges. Wild Rose counters apathy and renews a sense of purpose that brings greater happiness and enjoyment in life. Wild Rose prompts motivation to improve things and find joy in life, according to Dr. Bach’s lectures.



Gorse is for people who suffer with great hopelessness and despair over their lives or situations–people who have given up belief in themselves and their success.  Gorse impacts the strongest kind of downheartedness, and positively impacts who refuse encouragement, convinced that their situation is hopeless. This includes ailing people who think they are incurable, and nothing can be done to help them.


GorseDr Bach prescribed Gorse as a remedy for uncertainty, where the main problem is a loss of faith. He encouraged persuasion to view things in a different light to actualize a way forward. The Gorse remedy helps achieve this positive change within.



Olive Olive is the remedy people who are exhausted or tired following physical or mental effort, or after a long struggle against illness, and find their daily lives in hard work lacks pleasure.

Olive essence gives you what you need to restore your strength and faith to continue your positive effort with a renewed feeling of energy and promise; or otherwise the ability to put the stress behind and rest properly.



How CBD528 Works in You and Why You Should Use it with Prayer and Positive Affirmations.

https://image.slidesharecdn.com/g-proteincoupledreceptor-final-150627024606-lva1-app6892/95/g-protein-coupled-receptor-23-638.jpg?cb=1435373263Even at low concentrations, science has now proven that CBD decreases what is called “G-protein activity” in users. G-protein-coupled receptors (GPCRs) are the largest and most diverse group of cell membrane receptors in animals and humans. These GPCRs act like an inbox for messages in the form of light energy, peptides, lipids, sugars, and proteins. Sugars and proteins are crystals that can be “programmed” or, like photosensitive silver, can be chemically or alchemically transformed by light energy that is composed of vibrating electrons moving through water and shifting their spin and orbits within their atoms. Light from the sun, for instance, moves through space as well as the earth’s atmosphere courtesy of the water and such resonating spinning electrons.(4)

Because your body is made of approximately eighty (80) percent water–a liquid crystal superconductor of sound and light energy; and because CBD528 is manufactured to hold and deliver strong electro-resonance messages from Wild Rose, Gorse, Willow, Olive, CBD, silver and “Love/528 energy” that is memorized in this double superconductive CBD528 product, these positive messages are instantaneously broadcast throughout your body water. A drop under your tongue broadcasts these subtle, yet powerful, energies throughout your body and into your cells containing GPCRs that are also mostly filled with water to mediate these messages.

Because it is most reasonable to conclude that your heart in faithful prayer generates the same frequency of spiritual energy at the heart of sunshine, the heart of oxygenating rejuvenating chlorophyll (i.e., 528nm); and because this greenish-yellow color of light depends on 528Hz frequency of sound that is clearly harmonic with the sound made by the sun, carpenter bees, and honey bees buzzing, (5) Dr. Horowitz encourages you to use CBD528 with prayer and positive affirmations and gratitude for healing and producing the positive results you seek to achieve, such as pain relief, disappearance of distress, or purging of your pattern of emotions and social interactions keeping you depressed or dissatisfied in you life.


How to Use CBD528

Drop three (3)-to-six (6) drops of CBD528 under your tongue one-to-three (3) times daily with prayer for up to nine days. This recommendation can be repeated if needed to reinforce the guaranteed results.


What You Can Expect to Happen While Using CBD528
len sherri atlantic city

Results vary among CBD528 users. Some people report feeling “different” within minutes of taking their first dose. The “difference” has been characterized as feeling “more relaxed,” “dissociated,” “removed from stress,” like a “quiet witness.” Some people compare that feeling or experience with the effects produced by kava. That natural product is also reported to relieve anxiety, restlessness, sleeplessness, muscle tension, and pain, without dulling mental sharpness.


Most importantly, users will likely experience the “issues” surrounding their patterns of fear, depression and dissatisfaction in life becoming more apparent within hours or days of using CBD528. These results are great for diagnosis, needed treatments, natural purging, greater understanding, hastened healing and forgiving the source of discontent. This common result will likely impact and improve the quality of your social relationships, interactions, and communications. Your relationships with yourself and others will likely improve, given CBD528 impacts issues surrounding self-esteem, self-concept, self-worth, self-mastery and social interaction.

What is the Cost of CBD528 and Guarantee?

The cost of CBD528 is very little for what you get. CBD528 retails for only $24.90 per one (1) ounce bottle, and you will only need one bottle to effectively treat yourself. Thereafter, you will probably have enough to share with others, or simply store the bottle in a cool dry dark place, such as a medicine cabinet, or in the refrigerator, to use later to reinforce the positive results we guarantee.


CBD528 comes with a full money back refund if you are dissatisfied with the results, after having used CBD528 as directed above.



Science has advanced our understanding of CBD isolates, water structuring and resonance memory, bioelectricity including electro-genetics and inter-cellular communications using sound and light signaling, homeopathic medicine, and alchemical transformation of elements such as photosensitive silver sharing electrons with oxygen in water all resonating with the sound and light of LOVE, namely 528Hz/nm. These advances in knowledge and technologies encouraged the development of CBD528 to help solve most inexpensively, safely, and effectively the global problem of chronic pain, anxiety, and depression most commonly associated with drug side effects.


Until data from well-designed clinical trials are available and reliable, and standardized CBD products are produced using accepted methods, the exercise of caution in using CBD products for the treatment of various diseases is wise. Yet, this caution also encourages the use of CBD528, because “homeo-alchemy” produces positive results free from health risks and environmental poisonings.


CBD528 helps solve healthcare’s most common and costly problems. It is a “universal solution” that delivers new scientific understandings and technologies demonstrating simple, yet powerful, natural (spiritual) healing applications for a massive number of desperate, distressed, and frightened people in need of relief from physical, mental, emotional, and social pains and illnesses stemming from psychological conflicts, terrorizing media messages, and distressing social patterns damaging quality of life, and precluding optimal health, wellness, and life achievements.


CLICK HERE to Order CBD528 Now to Relieve Pain, Fear (Anxiety), Distress, and/or Depression.


CBD528 bottle6

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(1) Quoting from Welty et. al.’s review of the CBD literature in the treatment of neurological disorders, especially epilepsy : “Cannabidiol pharmacological effects are mediated through G protein coupled receptors, cannabinoid type I (CB1) and cannabinoid type II (CB2), which are highly expressed in the hippocampus and other parts of the central nervous system ( (2)). When activated, CB1 receptors inhibit synaptic transmission through action on voltage-gated calcium and potassium channels, which are known to modulate epileptiform and seizure activity ( (3). CB2 receptors are primarily expressed in the immune system and have limited expression in the central nervous system. The effects of CBD are CB2 receptor independent ( (3).


(2) Most online blogging skeptics, it must be known, are financed by the “drug cartel.” (Click HERE to view Dr. Horowitz award-winning film, UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro, documenting how the “skeptics” (called “Trolls” on the Internet) are financed and administered. Skeptics are dispatched to protect Big Pharma’s “turf.” The skeptics protect a racketeering enterprise monopolizing healthcare. But at the same time, these skeptics aid-and-abet profitable “iatrogenocide”, that is, physician-induced commerce in the lucrative side effects of drugs and vaccines killing people, reducing “targeted” populations to reduce the risk of popular uprisings (called revolutions), and destroying the quality of the environment and the lives of people worldwide.


(3) Many people have questioned the science proving 528 frequencies repair damaged DNA. This claim was first brought to Dr. Horowitz’s attention in 1998 by Dr. Lee Lorenzen, an expert in nutritional biochemistry and water structuring. Later, investigators Pollack and Niggli reported that nucleic acids DNA and RNA absorbed light in a very narrow range of wavelengths. That is, from 260-265 nanometers. Dr. Horowitz’s research indicates that light follows sound, that demonstrates “coherence” with harmonics and “octaves.” The immediate lower octave of C[5]=528 is C[4]=264 on the piano. From this knowledge Horowitz theorizes that Pollack’s and Niggli’s reports corroborate Lorenzen’s and Horowitz’s claims that 528 frequencies of sound and light “rejuvenate” dehydrated or damaged DNA, since the wavelength 264nm is precisely in that very narrow “lower octave” range of wavelengths absorbed by nucleic acids. (See:Pollack. G. (2013). The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid and Vapor, Ebner & Sons, p. 87; and Niggli, H. Biophotons: Ultraweak light impulses regulate life processes in aging. Gerontology and Geriatric Research 2014 3:2); cited in Pangman MJ and Evans M. Dancing with Water (2nd edition): Uplifting Press, 2017, pp. 84-85.


(4) NASA science has photographed frozen water crystals abundant in deep space, consistent with the Book of Genesis (1:1-2)


(5) NASA science has also recorded and published the sound of the sun that, contrary to propaganda, is not “chaotic”, but clearly waffles high and low around a lower octave of 528Hz in some recordings, and clearly sounds harmonic to the pure tone 528Hz when both are played simultaneously, according to investigators. Another experiment you can perform to test the harmonic quality of 528Hz (pure tone) within nature, is administered by clicking HERE and listening to the pure tone of C=528, and comparing that with the sound of bees, such as that made by a huge carpenter bee with small wings, or honey bees. (Play all the videos together, at the same time, to compare the harmonic quality of these most natural sounds.)


Please direct your questions to info@healthyworld.com, or call 1-888-508-4787.


* USER ALERT: The effects of CBD528 are subtle but powerful. Users can expect to experience positive, albeit challenging, behavioral effects unique to each individual, and best described as “psycho-social and emotional healing crises.” These distressing patterns may involve the user’s habitual and damaging patterns of thinking, feeling, and interacting (i.e., social behavior, including damaging interpersonal communication styles and patterns). CBD528 is likely to make these damaging and distressing behaviors more apparent, and thereby amenable to change. Conscious awareness of these previously unrecognized self-destructive or abusive patterns of behavior is generally therapeutic, helpful, and best recorded in journal kept by the user, albeit these results may require the assistance of a professional counselor.


USER AFFIRMATIONS: Use of CBD528 can be interrupted or stopped at any time if the user feels overwhelmed by the intensity of the aforementioned effects that are best chronicled in a “User Journal.” Moreover, positive affirmations are recommended while taking CBD528 to help remedy these negative behavior patterns. Examples include: (1) “I forgive myself and ______ for thinking so harshly, and now let go of this distressing thought, feeling, and circumstance in my life;” (2) “I choose to live in peace as a detached witness, while serving to remedy the situation while remaining healthy and strong;” (3) “I humbly and gratefully turn my troubles and worries over to God, who is my protector and redeemer.”


NOTICE: This product, the aforementioned text, or any claim made therein, has not been reviewed or approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA); nor is it intended to diagnose or treat any “disease,” especially since the commonly held misconception of “disease” neglects the natural healing process by which distress and illness is part of the natural healing process. The FDA neglects this fact of nature, and as a regulatory agency commonly oversteps its legislative authority to harass, persecute, and prosecute law abiding merchants in the natural healing arts and sciences, and especially the nutritional supplements community. The federal organization aids-and-abets the illegal pharmaceutical monopoly over healthcare, imposed by bribery and “regulatory capture.” Such costly, illegal, and counter-productive FDA influence by Big Pharma is damaging to public health, the economy, fair trade, free competition, and is opposed by Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the co-formulator of CBD528.





USER 1: ANN. My boyfriend, Doug, and I took CBD528 and we both felt a calming effect. That night Doug slept like a baby, which is very unusual. He had not slept well at all for months. Then the next night he did not sleep well again, after taking 3 drops during the day. . . .  The product doesn’t seem to be working. Should we increase the dosage?


REPLY 1. Hello, Ann


Yes. I would up the dosage to 3-6 drops three (3) times daily for 6 to 9 days.


That is what is prescribed on the website. You and Doug should carefully read the website that details what is in CBD528, why it is in there, and what Doug should be affirming with heartfelt loving intention in prayer as he takes the product. The website is at: http://www.528revolution.com/cbd528/.


Doug’s first night experience is similar to mine. The first time I tried it I felt the effects physically. It felt like a “relaxation response,” or a “Kava high.” I only used 3 drops that first day.


Then, the second day, I used it with prayer and did not feel anything at all. And not much happened psych-socially. The next day the “shit hit the fan.” I mean a ton of deep negative thinking and acting patterns came up for awareness akin to the purpose and prayer for CBD528. The same thing happened for my partner a day or two later. That is why there are WARNING details on the website, as well as the positive affirmations that should be used with prayer each time anyone uses CBD528 throughout the course of their “trial.”


The website also recommends that the product will last a long time, and that kept in the fridge (and darkness) can remain powerful to be used again later—any time “issues” related to fear, depression (lack of joy) and challenges to positive thinking, prosperity, and success consciousness, arise.


It would be beneficial for Doug to keep a journal, just like good therapists recommend for clients. That will help Doug progress in his life mastery.



USER 2: GLORIA.  I am VERY dissappointed in this what you called CBD……I have gotten NO RESPONSE from it what so ever, and I am almost done with both bottles….

What to do??



REPLY 2. Hello, Gloria.


We are going to refund all the money you paid, since you did not gain any benefits from using CBD528.


Frankly, however, you could not have used the product properly—according to the recommended 3-6 drops, 1-to-3 times daily for 6-to-9 days. We can make this assumption because if you had used the product this way, you would still have months of product remaining in one bottle alone.


It does not appear that you read the entire website description of CBD528, nor it’s clear recommendations for proper usage, that includes using the product with prayer, self-reflection, and positive affirmations for healing and behavior change. The behavior change component is most important, since it is the PATTERNS of negative thinking and acting that damage people, and this is largely what CBD528 is designed to remedy.


You may have simply mistaken CBD528 as a drug, and ordered it expecting to “feel” the chemical effects of the CBD on your nervous system. It does not work this way. The effects of taking CBD528 vary from subtle to profound, and these effects are mediated “spiritually” (i.e., energetically) and not “chemically” (i.e., pharmaceutically).


Regardless, we are refunding your entire purchase price (including shipping and handling), and wish you well.



Posted on CureShoppe

by Kathleen on 21st Jun 2017

Fantastic5 Star Review

Within 12 hours of my first dose, I felt a lifting of my grieving spirit. Last summer, the love of my life, my soul mate, transitioned after 30 years together. I found myself floundering and had to force myself to get out and LIVE. After taking CBD 528, I felt like re-joining the world of the living. Still grieving of course, but more hopeful and able to feel joy again.

A side note: I had been experiencing some lower back pain and have been doing exercises to alleviate it, but the CBD528 helped move that pain to an almost negligible level within 24 hours.

Thank you so much. I am recommending this product to everyone. God bless you!


Questions on Ingredients

E-mailed to CureShoppe

by a Healthy World News subscriber:

“unsure of cbd percentage? water %?, and other ingredients %? Why not?

It is not disclosed, what is the cbd content ad percentages of CBD? How much water is mixed?, how much silver? Please respond and inform.

I also would like to speak to a live representative to answer questions. why no live rep’s? Thank You….”




The percentage of CBD is not included, because there is no chemical CBD in the product. There is only the resonant energy of the pure CBD in the homeopathic. Please study homeopathy. Your question indicates that is your best choice. That would help you answer your second question. There is 100% steam distilled water in this homeo-alchemical formula. You can read about that online on the website for CBD528. The covalent bond between silver and oxygen in the water molecule, (creating an oxysilver molecule actually) produces the alchemical change in the 100% water, since the electrons that are shared between the oxygen and silver are resonating at 528Hz/nm—the frequency of “LOVE—the ‘Universal Healer’.” All the above makes CBD528 unique in the consumer products self care industry. It is like, let’s say, an “apple.” You can’t compare it to any “oranges.” Your first question does this. It seeks to compare our “apple” with crystalline CBD. That is unreasonable.