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Experts Slam Anthony Fauci for Complicity in the “COVID-19 Coup”

covid-19 coupLas Vegas, NV—Three of the world’s leading HIV/AIDS experts, doctors Judy Mikovits, Alan Cantwell, and Leonard G. Horowitz, slammed the Trump Administration’s Coronavirus Task Force director, Dr. Anthony Fauci, for complicity in a criminal enterprise risking humanity’s extinction via vaccination.

Among Fauci’s most damaging recent frauds is his concealment of AIDS virus genes spliced into the spreading coronavirus, according to the experts.

Such official malfeasance, beyond concealing a long history of lab-engineering of the world’s deadliest germs, evidences Fauci’s complicity in organized crime tantamount to treason and genocide, according to growing numbers of doctors and scientists.


“Every single due process right was taken away from me. And to this day [the persecution] remains the same. I have no Constitutional freedoms or remedies.”


Mounting Professional Outrage

In two new videos broadcasting on (censored by Google/YouTube), leading lab virus HIV/AIDS whistleblowers, Mikovits and Horowitz, acted independently to slam Fauci and his partnering vaccine industrialist, Bill Gates. Evidencing complicity in the coronavirus emergency, politically blamed on China, Fauci and Gates have strong-armed a stranglehold over civilization. They and their cohorts in cime have imposed a virtual ‘drug cult’ and ‘vaccine genocide’ upon humanity, profiting mostly elites operating a crime syndicate devastating the global economy, according to many conscientious objectors.

Cantwell objected to Fauci’s lab virus evasion in a recent article co-authored with Horowitz titled, “The Man-Made Laboratory Origin of Covid-19. “We hope this article will contribute to a thorough investigation at the highest levels of science and government to determine the origin of the man-made Covid-19 bioweapon,” they wrote.

Interviewed by investigative journalist Sherri Kane, Cantwell likened Fauci to “the new Pasteur.” Dr. Cantwell, a research dermatologist publishing science on microbial infections in gay sarcoma patients, authored AIDS and the Doctors’ of Death. He commented, “People forget that after 40 years and 35 million AIDS deaths, we are still waiting for a cure and a vaccine.”

Dozens more experts in medicine, mental health, and the social sciences have opposed the obvious negligence and unscientific prescriptions the White House Task Force imposed under Fauci’s leadership. Justified by false models, erroneous projections, and industrialist-enriching emergencies, all orders were oblivious to public health risks and damages.

Unproven, risky, and downright damaging directives included social distancing and toxic chemical disinfectants in populations already suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities and immune suppression.  Wearing face masks that could spread, not just limit, germ transmissions has also been reasonably and responsibly questioned by doctors and health scientists.

Shocking Videos Censored

Justice Department officials, intelligence agencies, the mainstream media, and political leaders on both sides of the isle, have committed censorship and other damaging responses to the highly politicized extortionate proceedings. Most have been vetted through the social media by a growing number of physicians and science experts.

Classic examples are provided in two shocking videos, both sensored by Google/YouTube: Dr. Judy Mikovits Exposes Dr. Anthony Fauci and Dr. Horowitz’s COVID-19 Coup, Part I: The Cult.

Both doctors were forced into bankruptcy and ‘neutralized’ by so-called “law enforcers.”

covid-19 coup

In Judy Mikovits’s case, the FBI was directed by the biocrime syndicate to unjustly jail Mikovits for rebuking Fauci’s opposition to her most alarming publication in Science. Dr. Mikovits and her co-authors challenged the common use of animal and fetal tissues in scientific experiments and vaccines. For this, she was unconscionably persecuted and prosecuted.

Although no charges against her were ever filed, she was jailed on a bogus “fugitive from justice” decree.

“Heads of our entire HHS colluded and destroyed my reputation,” Mikovits testified. “And the Department of Justice and the FBI sat on it, and kept that case under seal. Which means you can’t say there’s a case. . . .

“Every single due process right was taken away from me. And to this day [the persecution] remains the same. I have no Constitutional freedoms or remedies.”


“Justified by false models, erroneous projections, and industry-enriching emergencies, all orders were oblivious to public health risks and damages.”



Hopkins and the Drug Cartel

In Dr. Horowitz’s case, his persecution and resulting bankruptcy came from the ‘Deep State’s’ main supplier of the hallucinogenic “tea” called “ayahuasca” containing the drug “DMT.” This new ‘designer LSD’ has been intensively researched and touted, much like the coronavirus, by Johns Hopkins University officials. Researchers there have heavily promoted DMT, and other psychedelic drugs, for treating post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”), especially in military personnel.

Click to read chapter by chapter summary.

Hopkins’ data-mining and predictive modeling sourced the overblown coronavirus case numbers and deaths.

This over-reported morbidity and mortality data fraudulently justified Fauci et. al.’s social distancing and business closure impositions.

The severe economic depression that resulted was predicted by Johns Hopkins’ officials as well.

These predicted outcomes secured the allied banking cartel’s private control over governments internationally, effectively extorting ‘globalization’ in favor of the criminal oligarchy.

Heavily invested with Gates, Peter Theil, and others in ‘neuroscience’ and public persuasion, Hopkins’ agents also advanced psychedelic drugs claiming, for instance, that DMT grows new brain connections. This was broadcast in a number of publications, most notably on 60 Minutes.


“Unproven, risky, and downright damaging directives included social distancing and toxic chemical disinfectants in populations already suffering from multiple chemical sensitivities and immune suppression.” 


Linked to this neuroscience and psychedelic drug industry, and the CIA, the ayahuasca kingpin, Paul J. Sulla, Jr., was ‘safe-harbored’ by top officials in the FBI and DEA, as well nearly a dozen state and federal judges in Hawaii, causing Dr. Horowitz’s bankruptcy.

Sulla was later arrested for forging a deed to steal the doctor’s health spa property. But the drug dealer is expected to get off on a ‘plea bargain’ given the extent of the judicial corruption in the Democratic Party-controlled state.

“It is nearly impossible to win in [Hawaii and] the Ninth Circuit,” President Trump concluded after being rebuked by the same corrupted courts that Horowitz was forced to engage.

Covid-19 Coup
Click to view Dr. Horowitz’s COVID-19 COUP, Part I.

Overwhelming Evidence of Treason

Now new evidence is being widely heralded by Dr. Rashid Buttar and others. They pins COVID-19’s origin on the University of North Carolina, contracted by the NIH and Fauci’s group to collaborate with the Wuhan, China suspect lab.

Other doctors suspect the Pirbright Institute’s coronavirus and vaccine patents financed in partnership with the Gates Foundation.

In the popular video Coronavirus Predictive Programming by Horowitz, the whistleblower condemned Fauci’s years of “treasonous negligence” in response to AIDS and Ebola lab virus outbreaks foreshadowing and permitting the current coronavirus emergency.

Horowitz, a best-selling author in this field of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola, conducted a detailed analysis of the “coronavirus planning conference” held in New York in October, 2019. It was called Event 2[O]1, and was sponsored by the World Economic Forum, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University. The event compounded clear and convincing evidence of preparation for the “surprise pandemic” planned by Fauci’s cabal in 2017, involving Gates years earlier.

In Gates’ 2015 TED Conference lecture, he called for a “germ game” to be played by the U.S. military and “public health” coordinators. His graphics included the unusual COVID-19. It showed “spike proteins” projecting from the ‘novel’ germ–a feature now known to have been genetically engineered at the Univ. of North Carolina and/or Fort Detrick, MD according to published papers. Britain’s Pirbright Institute may also have been involved.

That same year, Pirbright, largely financed by Gates’s and Oxford’s agents, filed a suspect “priority application” for patenting a “live attenuated” (mutant) coronavirus vaccine-manufacturing technique. The method enabled direct attachment of the mutated virus onto targeted cells causing “infectious bronchitis.” This patent was granted one month before the Wuhan outbreak.

Additional corroboration of foul play came from Nobel Prize winning HIV co-discoverer, Luc Montagnier. He denounced the laboratory manipulations and censorship surrounding the genetic mutations evident in COVID-19.

Gene-sequencing experts affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology, the University of New Delhi, IBM, and New York University at Stonybrook, led by Prashant Pradhan, the Chief Technical Officer for IBM in Asia, concluded the mutated coronavirus could not have evolved in bats naturally.

Montagnier corroborated Horowitz’s assertion that Pradhan’s group were pressured, much like Dr. Mitkovits had been, to conceal what amounts to a ‘smoking-gun’—four spliced segments of the AIDS-virus envelop gene forming COVID-19’s ‘spike protein’.

This is the main secreted mechanism for human transmissions, infection prevention, and developing effective therapies.



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