disinfecting coronavirusesFrequencies of Energy Disinfecting Coronaviruses in People

An Opinion/Editorial by

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz

(May 14, 2020)


Disinfecting coronaviruses in human bodies is easy using frequencies of energy, but never speak about it openly.

If you do, you will engage the Deep State’s wrath as witnessed by President Trump.

On April 23, 2020, Trump violated this Deep State prohibition, endangering the depopulation vaccination agenda of Bill Gates et. al. They are administering a deadly globalist plot to use COVID-19 testing and vaccinations to impose civilization’s extortionate enslavement to Big Pharma/Big Biotech/Big Banking–the ‘Racketeering Enterprise’ advancing profitable pan-genocide.

disinfecting coronavirusesTrump caved to the ‘smear campaign’ that followed.

He issued a transparently silly excuse favoring the imposition of further drug poisonings and draconian restrictions on the world’s population.

Above and beyond crashing the economy, pushing coronavirus testing by consumer fraud and deceptive trade, Gates & Company are committing ‘vaccination genocide’ (i.e., vaccinecide). The media’s mind-control and experts’ instructions oppose common sense cures proven by science. The ‘End Game’ is to depopulate or otherwise wirelessly control We The Submissives.

Lambasted the following day by the ‘liberal media’ as though he had committed treasonous negligence, Trump simply asked a reasonable question. It followed his health advisors’ updates about infection control methods and materials. This briefing including ultra-violet light killing viruses, and oxygen treatments delivering disinfection most powerfully and inexpensively.

“I see disinfectant [being studied], where it knocks it out in a minute, one minute [viral infections], and is there a way we can do something like that by injection inside [the body], or almost a cleaning?” the President asked.

Perhaps aware of Robert O. Becker’s brilliant books, The Body Electric and Cross Currents, or this author’s DNA: Pirates of the Sacred Spiral and Death in the Air: Globalism, Terrorism and Toxic Warfare, the President raised reasonable questions for the benefit of humanity and the economy.

disinfecting coronaviruses“Because you see it gets in the lungs and it does a tremendous number on the lungs, so it’d be interesting to check that. So you’re going to have to use medical doctors, but it sounds interesting to me. So, we’ll see. But the whole concept of the light, the way it kills it in one minute, that’s pretty powerful.”

BLASPHEMY! The Deep State’s Big Pharma would never permit such a simple, inexpensive, highly effective alternative to intoxicating vaccines for the masses advancing the “Final Solution.”

After all, Bill Gates had informed Trump that his opposition to vaccinations was a “dead end.” The “Final Solution” for COVID-19, Gates advanced, relies on “fast-tracked” vaccines.

Replying to a question from Stephen Colbert on CBS on April 23, 2020, Gates suspiciously diverted from the “Final Solution” and “conspiracy theories” foretelling the future. The now obvious plans herald microchipping genocidally-damaged ‘submissives.’ This will advance unprecedented ‘neuroscience’ (i.e., mind-control), wireless surveillance and energetic manipulations, and depopulation.

Neglecting his massive financing of companies, projects, and products to do just that, Gates villainously dismissed these ideas on CBS, denying he was “somehow connected” to any of it.

Likewise, no network dares mention that Gates’s financing with Jeffrey Epstein’s ilk MIT’s media labs. This is clearly “connected” to this kind of abuse of ‘neuroscience’ for population control.

Nor does the mainstream media address Gates’s alliance with Dr. Anthony Fauci in the Cambridge, Massachusetts biotech company called Moderna Inc. That company developed the leading ‘candidate vaccine’ against the Wuhan coronavirus novel strain. Moderna’s direct partners include Gates, as well as the NIAID headed by Fauci.

Gates and FauciThis is the same NIAID that financed the corona/SARS/HIV-1 mutagenic virus in the first place. They financed the research supposedly to develop a ‘fast tracked’ vaccine. They began this effort several years ago according to their patents and scientific reports.

This is the same Bill Gates who presented an image of a coronavirus-like graphic to encourage “Germ Games” in 2015, precisely predicting the COVID-19 emergency and supposed vaccine remedy.

This is the same Bill Gates whose vaccination foundation co-sponsored (with the World Economic Forum and Johns Hopkins University) the Coronavirus Predictive Programming conference on October 18, 2019, nearly six weeks before the reported “outbreak.”

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This is the same Bill Gates partner, Dr. Fauci, whose NIAID covered-up the hepatitis B vaccine triggering HIV/AIDS while Fauci directed America’s  preventive and responsive efforts as the “AIDS czar.”

And this is the same Fauci who lectured to public health audiences in 2017 stating that the Trump administration would have to defend against a “surprise pandemic.”

And this is the same Gates and Fauci who recklessly disregard the proven benefits of ultraviolet light, oxygenation therapies that are disinfecting bloodstreams, and other alternative methods of infection eradication. These are cures, not simply “disease controlling” profit centers.

In this context of suppressing politically-incorrect cures, the most deadly negligence and malice is witnessed with the suppression of the 528 frequency “wave”.

On April 18, 2020, The Asian Times published Luc Montagnier’s opposition to the coronavirus cover-up. The lab origin and suppressed cures was certain, said the 2008 Nobel Prize winner. Montagnier is best known for co-discovering HIV-1—the AIDS virus. During that interview, speaking about the genetic engineering of COVID-19, Montagnier proposed “to rid the [corona]virus of these foreign elements [i.e., the spliced-in genetic segments evidencing lab mutations] “with waves.”

This theory “has attracted mockery in the past,” The Asian Times reported. The Deep State’s Asian counter-part to the New York Times concealed the massive amount of science solidly evidencing the superior impact of electromagnetic and bioacoustic frequency ‘waves’ on disinfecting lethal germs. Especially helpful is the 528nm of greenish light, and the 528Hz frequency tuning and resulting sound waves, on boosting natural immunity against genetic damage, and even prompting genetic repair. “528 sound waves” have actually been scientifically proven to increase immunity by increasing anti-oxidant activity by 100%.

Fauci, the government’s leading infectious disease expert, knows or should know these facts. He should be celebrating the “wave” theory of curing diseases as questioned by Trump.

Fauci should know about this, especially since NASA science did more than teach its students about this! NASA protected astronauts, disinfected their bodies and reusable water supplies in space, using oxygenated silver-water solutions that respond to tuning forks by generating waves that impact physical matter, body anatomy, physiology, even DNA and general immunity.

Fauci and Gates, who interact with military scientists frequently, should know that U.S. military technicians tune their sophisticated hardware using 528 tuning forks. This technology is likewise applicable to tuning human bodies, as NASA science instructs students.

disinfecting coronavirusesThis “528 wave” supercharges anti-oxidant, anti-microbial, and water activity featuring nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) and genetic expression. This ‘cellular up-regulation’ is safely, positively, and effectively facilitated using OxySilverTM.

OxySilver was branded by this author by invitation of the NASA science licensee. I became a science advisor to the manufacturer, trademarked the name, and established the official OxySilver website wherein you can read wonderful consumer reviews and healing testimonials.

I conclude this “528 wave” alone, as was proven by peer reviewed researchers at the University of Teheran to increase anti-oxidant activity by 100%, and protect sensitive brain cells against alcohol damage, delivers its powerful influence by ‘Divine Intelligence.’

Sickly and sadly, when pressed to defend related anti-oxidant UV light oxygenation science and disinfection questions, President Trump chickened-out.

Trump obviously lied to protect his political campaign when he claimed he was just being “sarcastic.” The context of his questions were not sarcastic at all. The specific references to wave energy and oxygenation therapies were completely justified, life-saving, safe, and cost effective.

Perhaps if Trump is reelected (to the dismay of the Deep State, Big Pharma, Bill Gates, and Anthony Fauci), the re-elected President will not cower like a plucked-chicken when working to save lives.

If Trump is the ‘strong leader’ people claim, intending to “drain the swamp,” he might show stronger leadership.

Trump needs to bring natural anti-oxidants such as vitamin C, D, Zinc, chlorophyll, OxySilver with 528, and even the “528 wave” itself, to the forefront of scientific debate and clinical acceptance.

Each of these natural remedies are strong anti-oxidants. Unlike hydroxychloroquine–a risky anti-oxidant–the natural remedies deliver alkalinity to block COVID-19’s pathogenesis. This infection process depends largely on acidity that robs people of their energy.

That is, the coronavirus’s “spike protein” is positively-charged. This is the attachment mechanism that gets blocked by anti-oxidants. Natural anti-oxidants naturally-transmit frequencies of light (and sound) through the human body water in “waves” that impact DNA and cellular-upregulation.

And where does this natural energy come from? Sunshine, the heart of which is 528nm–the greenish-yellow color of oxygenating chlorophyll.

This phenomenon can be used to protect the ‘ACE2 receptors’ on human immune cells to which the virus attaches to deliver its ‘pathogenetic’ punch.

In other words, we can naturally, inexpensively, safely and effectively ‘reprogram’ the immune system to defeat coronavirus, other infectious diseases, and chronic illnesses too.

That’s why President Trump’s earnest questions received such a malicious response by the ‘sorcerers’ in the media.

To be clear, these anti-oxidant coronavirus cures are ‘electron rich,’ so they are negatively charged.

Electromagnetic attraction of the positively-charged spike protein to the negatively-charged ACE2 receptor is the magnetic key to unlocking cures to heal and sustain humanity.

At this time of international urgency, and Deep State conspiracy to subvert civilization in accordance with Bill Gates’s impositions, rather than touting coronavirus tests and vaccines, world leaders must better diagnose the lab origin and pathogenesis of coronavirus infections. They must go beyond the “fake news,” concealed special interests, and corrupted science aiding-and-abetting devil-doing.

Our leaders, elected or not, must apply the wisdom and intelligence in natural healing and energy medicine to secure world health, sustainable ecosystems, and economic recovery.



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