528 and Zero Point Energy:

The Cure For What Ails Humanity


Leonard G. Horowitz, DMD, MA, MPH, DNM, DMM

And the key of the house of David will I lay upon his shoulder; so he shall open, and none shall shut; and he shall shut, and none shall open.
                Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3:6-8

The Science Underlying Miracles: 528 and the Zero Point Thesis

Your heart is connected to God’s heart resonating in waves of LOVE, at 528 cycles-per-second. If you need scientific evidence of this fact, keep reading. This truth will alter your view of everything.

Consider first a bar magnet’s magnetic field featuring North and South poles where electrons flow like water through the heart of the magnet and our planet.

Electrons are the universal energy carriers, each sourcing originally from the universal donor of electrons—hydrogen, element #1 in polarized water—H2O. This truth has been fundamental to the field of physics.

Show below is a diagram of electrons flowing from south to north poles. This knowledge is fundamental to the construction of 528-resonators, called “528 Orgone Generators” that are new technologies advanced for natural healing, highly effective in relieving aches and pains.

Zero Point Energy Theory

Theorists in astrophysics now argue that each electron holds at its core “zero point energy,” as does the universe at large.

Zero point energy is a place where there is no sound or light. This nothingness, issuing the essence of everything, exists at the heart of creation. It is the place wherein miraculous manifestation from nothing to something happens. Entering into this miracle zone of pure creative intelligence put you in the middle of a matrix of math that I call “The Perfect Circle of SoundTM”. This dynamic matrix consists of nine core creative frequencies of sound, that generates light; and that issues forth celebrating the musical mathematical matrix of magnificent creation.
Pure God, or Divine Spirit (some say “Consciousness”), witnesses from this vantage point the miraculous metaphysical manifestation of the double-torroid-shaped universe. The cosmos is the ultimate spiritual to physical incarnation that is now theorized by experts in physics to be manifested at the edge of Zero Point.

As above, so below, the figure eight (8) iconically and numerologically represents the Yin/Yang polarizing gravity of Divinity. This duality generates the spin, or cycling, of the musical/mathematical matrix of universal transformation that compels human evolution.

At the heart of the figure eight (8) is one sweet spot where the lines of spiraling energy cross. It is the Zero Point–a place where Yin/Yang polarity ceases. Charge fields of positive and negative are neutralized here. The energy sourcing from Zero Point theoretically flows in at least 36 dimensions.

The Zero Point, in theory, is where the holographic crystallization, miraculous manifestation, of reality for everyone, everywhere, happens simultaneously to serve a Divine destiny that sources from the Law, fundamentally matrix math, as a blueprint; quietly, universally manifesting reality, most powerfully.

This Zero Point is also tied, like a string, to your heart, and life’s calling — your personal primordial evolving program.

This best explains why some people feel they are on a mission, have a special “calling,” a life purpose, that is tugging on their heart strings.

People who resist their calling, or never fully express their gifts, experience a block of spiritual energy, reflecting a musical mathematical tug of war on these heart strings.

Your connection to God — ATONEMENT — is like a broadcasting channel beamed from God’s heart to yours, and back through your faithful prayer.

The Perfect Circle of Sound and 528Hz

528 and Zero Point Energy
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“The Perfect Circle of SoundTM” is composed, as mentioned, of nine core creative frequencies, with 528Hz (cycles-per-second) playing a featured role.

Creation’s dynamic architecture is built on sacred geometry, particularly the circle with 360 degrees. Circles are the basis for measuring everything.

The spiraling revolving matrix math that sources our double-donut-shaped universe’s hologram is circular due to “The Perfect Circle of SoundTM”. This mathematical Law of the universe, that generates the laws of physics, manifests space and time.

528 and zero point
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The original Solfeggio musical scale comprises 2/3 of this “Perfect Circle of SoundTM” and plays 528 as its third note. This is diagrammed at the level of your heart in da Vinci’s most famous Vitruvian drawing shown on the bookcover below.

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528Hz matches up with 528nm frequency of light. This activates what is best about your heart, filled with LOVE–the sacred mathematics securing four of your most valued attributes or sought after assets, including LOVE, faith, joy and bravery.

Musicologists call this 528Hz frequency tone “The Miracle Note,” “MI,” short for MIra-gestorum, in Latin, that translates into “MIracles” in English.

The botanical world certifies this intelligence.

Simply look around you for prima facie evidence of intelligent design. Grass is greenish-yellow because this pigment best feeds your soul, through your eyes (the “windows of your soul”) the Zero Point energy of pure LOVE/528 — the creative potential also called “The Power of LOVE.”

Photos of nature display the humbling contribution that botany makes on your behalf by the grace and direction of GodDivine Sourceadministered by natural mathematical Law.

In essence chlorophyll reflects pure LOVE, the heart of God, forever giving freely this 528 frequency blessing for healing.

For giving LOVE freely, forever giving, even in advance, like “paying it forward,” is hereby proven as God’s Way.

Chlorophyll is not “Crazy”

In The Book of 528: Prosperity Key of LOVE, evidence is given that explains further why the 528 frequency was selected by chlorophyll’s sacred geometry and color, greenish-yellow. This includes the reasons Aristotle, Pythagoras, Vitruvius, da Vinci. and later Tesla, touted the special impact of the “crazy” number “8” within a special set of four numbers that were celebrated by ancient alchemists (and today, modern astrophysicists) as most important to the miraculous manifestation of creation–“the 3s, 6s, 9s and 8s.”

The Book of 528
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These numbers demonstrate extraordinary, even miraculous gravitational, or metaphysically attractive, influence. The sixes (6s), for instance, are believed to be the most powerful number for manifesting miracles. 528 reduces to a 6 by adding 5+2+8=15; whereas 1+5=6. Manifestation of wealth and power is the main reason the Rockefeller and Rothschild families had America’s Highway christened, “Route 66,” and the Anglo petroleum company is named “Phillips 66” (and not for reasons publicized by their propaganda).

X’s are 6s in the alpha-numerics of the English language, wherein A=1 through Z=26. This relates to earlier sacred languages, such as Hebrew, originally sung in the Torah Law using numbers communicating special meanings (e.g., the gematria).

“If humanity only knew the powers of the 3s, 6s, 9s [and 8s] it would be a completely different universe.”

                       Nikola Tesla

LOVE/528 at the heart of the rainbow is what chlorophyll reflects and feeds you best to bring you into a state of Holy Spiritual Divine atonement.

The word A-Tone-Me[a]nt suggest a musical note, that also spells “AT – ONE – MENT,” indicating that LOVE/528Hz generates optimal Divine-human communion.

As above, so below. As it is on the cosmic scale, or alternatively microscopically at the energy level of your DNA, life is sustained through the transmission of electrons generating electromagnetic and bioacoustics potentials for light and sound signaling (i.e., photons and phonons), which is the most powerful force directing immunological repair.
DNA is your blueprint for being here now, exercising your potential for growth and development on all levels: physically, mentally, emotionally, socially, and spiritually. This occurs because DNA is like a spinning and resonating antennae, circularly functioning like an antenna to God.

Every plan in God’s Kingdom of Heaven, like everything else, is administered HydroSonically–that is through Water that transmits “the Word” or Law. Creative acoustics in a universe manifesting musically/mathematically demonstrates this intelligent design. This dynamic is based on the sacred geometric manifestations of hydro-sonic frequency vibrations called creationism—that is nothing short of miraculous, and primarily due to the MIracle note of LOVE/528 (without which everything falls apart or degenerates).

The creative potential of LOVE/528 in DNA is much like the manifestation potential that physicists theorize is Zero Point, where no poles or pulls of electron energy exist, or they are so balanced they don’t attract or repel anything, then suddenly they do everywhere around you.

LOVE’s transformative and miraculous potential is likewise independent, inexplicable, and self evident.

In other words, you can go from total darkness, reflected in optimal ignorance, out of touch with the provisions of God and power of prayer and faithfulness into the light of LOVE, some people call “Super Consciousness,” felt in your heart, unreachable through your head. This energy generates joy and bravery–LOVE’s heart kin.

An iconic metaphor for this is seen by returning your attention to the infinity sign upright—the  “crazy 8”—that reflects and represents the double toroid universe with north and south poles or circles.

Curiously, and intentionally, the 8 ball in billiards epitomizes this primordial game of contrast or polarity. From the darkness, the black ball heralds a window of white bright light. The 8 at the center of this light, the number, is an icon for this fundamental dynamic of electromagnetism administering miraculous manifestation and polarity of energy between black and white, darkness and light, ignorance vs. consciousness, and “spiritual warfare” taking place on all levels—as above, so below.

528nm of light, the heart of the rainbow, sources from the Zero Point at the heart of the universal figure 8 sacred geometry; which, for your edification, is at the heart of the universal double toroid; with 528Hz sound, the 3rd note in the original Solfeggio musical scale that plays lovingly to miraculously heal people when concert tuning is reset at A=444Hz.

Nature’s central “string” (in “string theory”), therefore, must be 528Hz or include and/or resonate: C=33Hz, 66Hz, 132Hz, 264Hz, 528Hz, 1056Hz, etc.

The “Sea of Green,” Oxygen, and Expected Miraculous 528 Healings

The “Sea of Green,” representing “prosperity in all ways,” resonates 528nm light, and 528Hz frequency of sound, and delivers this heart of optimal sustenance, including miraculous healing power to co-create physical reality anew.

The MIracle note of the original Solfeggio scale must generate, therefore, the optimal frequency for the production of electron-rich oxygen that is widely acknowledged for its healing power.

Electrons, being the exclusive carrier of energy universally, animates everything from the blink of your eye to comets flying through space. The concept of generating negatively-charged 528-resonating “LOVE electrons,” or “LOV-Es,” to manifest healing miracles is best explained by science in the specialty field called biophysics.

It might be recalled from studies in medical oxygenation, ozonation, and free-radical reduction, that chronic diseases share two most important causes—hypoxia and hyper-acidity. Pathology commonly exhibits too many positively charted acid radicals, and too few electron rich buffers—compounds including hydroxyl and/or peroxide that neutralizes acids, and acid attacks, commonly associated with stress and disease states.

People commonly experience the disappearance of aches, pains and chronic illnesses, and even bringing people “back from the dead” (i.e., resuscitating lives), “miraculously,” after applying treatments that provide oxygen and electrons to their bodies.

The 528 orgone generators (shown above and sold exclusively through HealthyWorldStore.com, described best at 528OrgoneGenerators.com) apply this knowledge in healing practice whereby the “miraculous” disappearance of body aches and pains occurs repeatedly, dependably, fairly rapidly, safely, and effectively, especially when amplified using faithful prayer that entrains your heart to this healing frequency of loving intent.

The concept of a healing “miracle” is best explained (or demystified) by this science of 528 dynamics since electrons resonating from your heart, as occurs most powerfully during faithful prayer, transmits loving intention to be healed and energetically administers these positive results.

This method of natural healing has been honored, and empirically proven valid, by every culture throughout history. Faith healing has proven itself to be powerfully therapeutic, nothing short of miraculous. In fact, this understanding of LOVE/528 resonance energy connecting your heart to God’s, best explains and legitimizes the spiritual discipline of healing through faithful prayer.

It is only in the modern “scientific” era that faith and prayer have taken a back seat to poisonous drugs as therapies. This is sick, considering the irony that science began with Aristotle’s book called PHYSICS, that celebrated Philos—LOVE—as fundamental to scientific research and development.

Studies funded primarily by the drug cartel have attempted to debunk faith as a factor in miraculous healings, but have largely failed since it is virtually impossible to fool all of the people all of the time. Their messages represent scientific mischief, and are intended to discredit humanity’s most wonderful healing resource—the capacity to dependably produce, and routinely experience, healing miracles following faithful prayer, which is the most potent self-therapy.

The ideal healing instruments, therefore, are musical, and this important knowledge (awaiting your dissemination) encourages religious choirs to retune their voices and instruments to A=444Hz to increase the rates and numbers of healing miracles administered during musical services.

Human voices and hearts, joined during faithful musical healing services, resonate 528 most powerfully; and this is a prescription for miraculous transformation of our dysfunctional and degenerative health care systems.

Music therapy that sends electrons spinning remedially with LOVE, like those generated by the heart of faith healers and prayer partners, is easily administered most inexpensively.

This also promotes unified communities and non-violence.

The negatively charged units of greenish-yellow LOVE-lights generated by the choir enter acidically-diseased tissues, buffer the acids in human bodies, and restore beneficial oxygen levels, all in one wonderful, miraculous, faithful swoop.

Endorphins, positive feeling and healing hormones, are also released during this pleasureful practice,  and this endocrinology motivates people to return to places of worship for their periodic “fix.”

Summary and Conclusion

This article addresses Zero Point energy theory and recent revelations regarding 528 and the healing power of LOVE administered through faithful prayer.

Zero Point is considered to be the place where miracles happen; where physical reality manifests from pure Holy Spirituality. This opportunity is optimally generated and transmitted musically/mathematically by using 528Hz frequency of sound, and 528nm of light, both resonating electrons that inspire natural healing.

This knowledge evidences that your heart is absolutely connected musically/mathematically to the heart of God’s heart, a Zero Point from whence miraculous manifestations and healings source.

This is how you can most powerfully and positively affect change in your own heart, life, and health. Making and spreading this music touches human hearts everywhere, opening them to receive more of this free blessing.

This musical/mathematical technology presents humanity’s greatest hope for remedying the world’s worst problems.

The geopolitical and economic problems that conscious beings perceive and lament worldwide can now be remedied using this knowledge and technology.

It is common knowledge that population control is optimally wielded spiritually, or energetically, thus, musically. This knowhow provides the opportunity to transcend our common limitations, like the spiritual slavery promoted for profit by the music industry, for instance.

Miraculously, virtually instantaneously, we can join forces and voices to very enjoyably spread the good news about emerging remedies and technologies marketed by new companies like 528Radio.com, 528OrgoneGenerators.com, 528Fashions.com, 528Jewelry.com and more to come. . . .

This is the science, research, and developments fueling the 528LOVERevolution, and the huge opportunity made available to you by sharing this great news; . . . because in your heart, you know, there is LOVE, even though most people haven’t yet realized this in their heads.

For more reading on this topic, see Bryan Pelletier’s timely article by CLICKING HERE.


The author gratefully acknowledges the many researchers and scientists that helped to advance this thesis, including the late Dr. Fred Bell.

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Dr. Horowitz revealed that the 528Hz frequency of sound is the precious “LOVE tone” or “Spirit of Aloha.” This is, according to mounting evidence, the prophetically important “key to the House of David” mentioned in Isaiah 22:22 and Rev. 3:6-8.

Dr. Horowitz recently launched i528Tunes.com following his instructions to recording artists worldwide regarding this musical technology of Divine creativity. In this article, and elsewhere, he recommends instruments and voices be retuned to prompt miraculous healings for Peace on Earth.

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