Coronavirus Predictive Programming

Leading Lab Virus Expert Slams ‘Crisis Capitalists’ and Governments Over Coronavirus Negligence

Coronavirus Predictive Programming


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Leading Lab Virus Expert Slams ‘Crisis Capitalists’ and Governments Over Coronavirus Negligence

Las Vegas, NV—A leading lab virus expert, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz, has slammed international “crisis capitalists” for neglecting, downplaying, and misdirecting the media and governments’ responses to the coronavirus pandemic that is expanding and risking millions of lives.

Accurate predictions were urgently issued over the past quarter century by Horowitz, who is an internationally-renowned Harvard-trained author of the top-selling book in the field of Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional? according to Wikipedia and Amazon.

coronavirus negligence

Neglecting the doctor’s accurate and relentless warnings, that the risk to public health and safety of a lab virus out-breaking into a deadly pandemic was immanent, a group of preparedness experts met in October, 2019, to predict what would happen following a coronavirus outbreak that suspiciously occurred two months later.

Horowitz has been the world’s most prolific, vocal, and generally-censored critic of biotechnology, genetic engineering, and bio-weapons research and development. He has argued in numerous books, films, science papers, and legislative hearings since 1996 that HIV/AIDS, for instance, broke out from science labs administered by a group of cancer and vaccine industrialists.

Now, the “reckless negligence” has resulted in a massive number of deaths, just as Horowitz forewarned, as corroborated by new genetic analyses published by a team of gene-sequencing experts affiliated with the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT), the University of New Delhi, IBM, and New York University at Stonybrook. The team’s nine experts, led by Prashant Pradham, the Chief Technical Officer for IBM in Asia, used the WATSON computer to identify a ‘smoking-gun’ in the new coronavirus.

coronavirus negligence

The IIT study found an AIDS-virus envelop gene that could only have joined the coronavirus through genetic mutations engineered in a lab, such as the one in Wuhan.

coronavirus negligence

“There’s now no doubt the 2019 coronavirus is a lab virus,” Dr. Horowitz says, vindicated against skeptics by Pradham’s study.

Censoring Coronavirus Intelligence

Coronavirus Predictive Programming is a 52-minute docu-commentary freely viewable online at The public education production is presented courtesy of award-winning filmmaker Horowitz in association with Medical Veritas International Inc.

[Editor’s Note: Facebook censored a link and discussion about this film, as shown in the adjacent screenshot. Therefore, we ask you to help spread this video.]

coronavirus negligence

Coronavirus Negligence

Deep State is Big Pharma

The facts presented in Coronavirus Predictive Programming condemn officials’ “reckless negligence” and ongoing censorship.

Coronavirus censorship is not only “un-American” but also genocidal as Dr. Horowitz explains in the film.

Several previous lab virus outbreaks, and the expanding risk of “mutigenic” germs recombining and intertwining their DNA with deadlier germs (also enabling cross-species jumping), is now proven to have happened to generate the coronavirus pandemic, as Horowitz and few others forewarned.

“The establishment, or ‘ruling elite,’ properly called the ‘Deep State,’ has placed civilization at risk of extinction,” Dr. Horowitz evidences.

“The censorship surrounding this subject is unconscionable and criminal,” he adds.

Coronavirus Predictive Programming

Media requests prompted the doctor to conduct a detailed analysis of the coronavirus planning conference held in New York in October, 2019, called Event 201. That “exercise” was sponsored by the World Economic Forum, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and Johns Hopkins University. coronavirus negligence

Each sponsor was financed by corporations profiting from genetically-engineered vaccines, anti-viral drugs, and plagues.

In Coronavirus Predictive Programming, Horowitz condemns those who profit from misinforming citizens as well as “brain-washed” health officials complicit with disease planners and profiteers. Combined, they commit ‘pangenocide.’

“People are dying as a result of officials who recklessly neglect common sense and scientific evidence, undermining humanity’s health and safety.

“The message in this film is you’d have to be an idiot or imbecile to trust leading health officials who jeopardize humanity for multinational corporate payoffs.”

Industry-wide Scientific Censorship is Criminal

18 U.S. Code § 1519 criminalizes covering-up or falsifying evidence known to be important in current or pending investigations.

This law states, “Whoever knowingly alters, destroys, mutilates, conceals, covers up, falsifies, or makes a false entry in any record, document, or tangible object with the intent to impede, obstruct, or influence the investigation or proper administration of any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States . . . or in relation to or contemplation of any such matter or case, shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 20 years, or both.”

Given this law, it clear that the Event 201 sponsors, planners, and administrators, along with Internet censors including Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, should be indicted by a grand jury for:

(1) willfully concealing the most dangerous and damaging source of modern plagues–labs and lab viruses;

(2) willfully concealing the fact that genetically-engineered lab viruses are highly unstable, and as bioweapons they readily jump species and recombine with other potentially more deadly viruses; and

(3) willfully concealed that in this modern age of terrorism and bioterrorism, saboteurs release viruses or deadly bacteria for geopolitical and financial gains.

Concealing this intelligence makes these agents complicit in the global genocide.

Event 201 officials, like Facebook officials, intended to conceal these facts in order to keep their jobs. As ‘submissive’ and ‘evil obedient’ agents of the Deep State’s drug cartel, they are part of the enterprise that aids-and-abets industry profits and humanity’s suffering. By willful blindness they advance profitable depopulation programs, products and services.

“That’s the commercial equivalent of selling your soul to the devil,” Horowitz explains.

The Event 201 officials committed these acts and the aforementioned evidence tampering to protect their paymasters.

The Event 201 officials correctly predicted the coronavirus pandemic. They knowingly published their conference proceedings, knowing it was being recorded for use in official investigations, trials, or proceedings. They were aware that by omitting, neglecting, censoring, and obscuring this evidence, their officials, companies, and agencies would be “safe-harboring” devil-doing, and financially benefiting the event’s sponsors, by concealing the most substantive facts.

Concealing evidence is profitable, politically-influential, and committed by officials and media propagandists to secret ‘crisis capitalists,’ their hidden agendas, and their saboteurs.

Damage Caused by Scientific Evidence Tampering

The damage caused by this criminal cartel is unprecedented. It strains credulity. This global enterprise controls the mega-businesses and intelligence agencies internationally.

Case in point: Years ago, the United Nations AIDS Study Group censored Horowitz’s scientific publications. Thereby, the U.N. protected vaccine industrialists who were similarly indicted by the doctor’s AIDS virus discoveries.

Horowitz’s Harvard research reviewed scientific evidence showing the earliest hepatitis B vaccines transmitted the first AIDS cases. Since then, the plague has grown to kill more than 40 million people worldwide.

Imagine the toll this genocide has taken on the victims families, on communities and society, on the global economy–losing that many people, precluding their productivity and service to others.

Horowitz’s AIDS origin research was independently corroborated by dermatology expert, Alan Cantwell, who began studying the first AIDS patients presenting with the never-before-seen leukemia-lymphoma-sarcoma cancer complex.

“The only question is which lab created it?” Horowitz asks, referencing the “novel” coronavirus.

“We can’t presume the virus was produced by China, even though it was wrongly said to have sourced from a seafood market in Wuhan,” Horowitz discerned.

“Now, with Pradham’s study, we can dismiss much ‘counter-intelligence’ including the snake and bat suspects.”

All that appears to have been ‘fake news’ broadcast to divert from the lab virus origin of the new coronavirus.

coronavirus predictive programming


And this fake news compounds evidence of official Deep State malfeasance demonstrated by the unprecedented quarantining of millions of people, unlike typical flus. Authorities are obviously concerned about this coronavirus like never before.


Because it is unstable, mutates readily and rapidly, jumps between many species, and can pick up genes from more deadly viruses, such as H5N1, to potentially kill more than half of those infected. Minorities and impoverished people without access to resources and quality care would be doomed by such a mutuation.

“That’s what officials are concealing by their actions that speak louder than their words,” Horowitz concludes.

coronavirus negligenceDr. Horowitz’s conclusions, comments and questions follow a controversial report by G News that alleged Chinese officials would “admit that the real source of the coronavirus is from ‘a lab in Wuhan (China)’ linked to its covert biological weapon programs.” That article was deemed “false” by Politicfact.

Yet, serious questions remain unanswered.

Dr. Horowitz produced Coronavirus Predictive Programming for to teach people to distrust ‘fake news’ media pundits, network liars, and recklessly negligent government officials who spread fear for profit rather than giving life-saving advice to boost natural immunity.

Besides spreading viruses and misinformation, Dr. Horowitz says, “Simple self-care instructions and low cost solutions that could save millions of lives are recklessly neglected.”



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