Miracles in Medicine Explained by Sound Science

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Date Mailed: June 3, 2019
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Miracles in Medicine Explained by Sound Science

Las Vegas, NV—The mystery of ‘miracles in medicine’ or ‘miraculous healing’ is explained by sound science published this month in the esteemed peer-reviewed International Journal of Classical Homoeopathy, Homoeopathic Links.

Beyond the ‘placebo effect’ are special healing vibrations carried by sound and light to and from the hearts of patients and caregivers. That healing energy is transmitted through ‘structured water’ in-and-around DNA. All of this is fueled by electrons of energy resonating most powerfully in specific frequencies.

The author is Harvard-trained science scholar and award-winning energy-medicine pioneer, Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz. He credits 528nm/Hz as the ‘best vibration’ for impacting patients most positively. He calls it the ‘LOVE frequency,’ and says this precise energy is probably the most powerful promoter of miraculous recoveries.

Double-blind Studies Confirm 528 is Special

Dr. Horowitz’s theory has caught on internationally, with researchers reporting extraordinary benefits of applying 528 frequency in various therapies.

One double-blind study by a research group at the University of Tehran published in the Journal of Addiction Research & Therapy, found the effects of 528Hz sound waves reduced cell death in the human nervous system caused by alcohol. There was a 100% increase in natural immunity from exposures to the 528Hz frequency as measured by anti-oxidant levels. 20% more nerve cells survived the toxic impact of alcohol–a finding considered beneficial for alcoholics, especially those in recovery.

How this ‘Frequency Rehab’ System Works

Think of yourself, your heart, and your DNA as radio receivers and transmitters. Your human energy system operates like this. You receive miracles in medicine due to DNA's musical mathematicsand broadcast most clearly (coherently) and harmonically natural healing frequencies, or ‘good vibrations’. Each cell is genetically-programmed to do the same thing, according to Horowitz.

All the cells (receivers and transmitters) act harmonically in unison, changing directions and instructions like a school of fish instantly redirects the whole colony.

All of this is administered electromagnetically by frequencies memorized and transmitted through water.

This theory also says there is a ‘musical mathematical’ basis underlying positive human healing intentions, and healing results.

This science best explains why homeopathy is curative for sincere practitioners and patients, but not for skeptics operating on a ‘different (dissonant) wave length’ or frequency, Dr. Horowitz’s paper explains.

Positive attitudes of patients and caregivers broadcast positive healing programs, like heart-felt loving intentions. These radiate the special ‘LOVE frequency’ of 528nm/Hz as increasingly evidenced in science and the healing arts.

What Peer-Reviewers Are Saying

The epic article is titled, ”Electro-dynamics and 528 Frequency Resonance in Water Science Helps Solve the Mystery in Homeopathy.”

Dr. Horowitz draws here on several fields of science to detail the biophysics and mathematics of miraculous healing. He credits special frequencies of ‘bioresonating’ energies vibrating at the level of DNA for sending healing sound and light signals instantly throughout your body. This system is most important for humanity, immunity, and making your body ‘uninhabitable’ to diseases.

Preventative medicine, as well as drug-free therapies, can rely on this science, Dr. Horowitz insists. This knowledge is central to reducing healthcare costs and solving urgent problems facing medicine, civilization, and the ecosystem.

This paper is unique as it touches upon the unexplored arenas of research which have drifted away from the mainstream health research,” reports Dr. Bindu Sharma, one of the paper’s peer-reviewers and editor of Indian Journal of Research in Homeopathy, an official publication of Central Council for Research in Homoeopathy, New Delhi, India.

Dr. Sharma said, “This paper will be of interest to those who want to delve into topics like homoeopathy, healing, spirituality, music therapy, water-memory etc.”

Drawing from the Best of Nature

Dr. Horowitz explains that bees buzz at 528Hz. That ‘LOVE 528’ sound is synchronized with 528nm of light at the heart of rainbows and sunshine.

“This is why grass is green,” Dr. Horowitz says, explaining the color and structure of chlorophyll best explains its function of generating oxygen–a natural healing and cleansing element central to water. “That oxygen broadcasts ‘electrons of love’ that energize and alkalize cells and tissues.

“Nature models what we caregivers and recipients should be doing. Receiving and giving ‘Love 528’ that is transformational.”

Genetic signals of sound and light compel physical restoration to “a programmed biofield,” Horowitz explains. He examines the generally-overlooked capacity of ‘structured water’ in DNA to store and transmit frequencies that direct genetic-expression and body repair.

“Musical-mathematics energizes negatively-charged electrons that perform the healing miracles,” he says.

“This ‘hydroelectric,’ ‘bio-sonic and bio-photonic’ system also relays healing intentions broadcasting from the hearts of doctors and patients. These ‘good vibrations’ ‘phase-lock’ with the heart of sunshine, chlorophyll, and oxygen. These elements naturally sustain and rejuvenate life in 528nm/Hz.”

Integrating Science, Spirituality & Religions

If Dr. Horowitz’s theory continues to be proven correct, he may have bridged the great divide between the world of secular science and religious metaphysics.

Dr. Horowitz considers water “Liquid God.” His theory of miraculous healing uses water memory as a vehicle for transmitting the sound and light of faithful prayer and positive affirmations instantly throughout the body. He calls your DNA the “antennae to God.”

Science skeptics and atheists denounce monotheism that they argue has caused divisions between people, and many wars. Bridging the gaps using solid science and mathematics holds great promise for world peace, Horowitz-reviewers conceive.

Incredibly, that precise frequency of 528Hz is encrypted in the Bible’s Book of Numbers as the most valuable ‘gold offering’ to God used to sanctify the temple—in this case the ‘body temple.’

528Hz was later adopted by the Catholic Church as the “MI” note (short for ‘MIRACLES’) in the Solfeggio musical scale. That music was used in the most spiritually-uplifting hymn in Catholicism–The Hymn to St. John the Baptist.

“That’s why Jesus went to John,” Dr. Horowitz smiles, “and da Vinci studied and drew, ‘Old Man Water.’

“‘Baptisms,'” the doctor explains, “generate healing the same way. It’s all about purifying the ‘temple’; getting the energy right for ‘communion’ with God. That’s why all Jewish and Islamic priests are required to take ‘mikvah baths’ before entering their holiest synagogues and mosques for prayers.”

“What religious persons frequently witness during and following baptisms corroborates the scientific theory I’ve advanced,” says Horowitz.

Homeopathic medicine works similarly, miraculously, but adds ‘specificity’ by the practitioner’s intent, the patient’s express need, and the remedy’s (i.e., the ‘nosode’s) intelligent selection with ‘succussion’ ‘potentizing’ the medicine using the good 528 vibration of your heart.

From this theory, world history, and acoustic health science, Dr. Horowitz claims 528Hz is the mysterious miracle-making ”key of the house of David” (Isaiah 22:22; Rev. 3-6-8) used by the shepherd (later King) David to soothe King Saul using a healing harp.

“Whenever the evil spirit from God bothered Saul, David would play his harp. Saul would relax and feel better, and the evil spirit would go away.” (1 Samuel 16:23)

Horowitz presumes, “the same loving energy generated Jesus’ healing miracles.”

Celebrity Recording Artists ‘Get it.’

Celebrity recording artists worldwide have already relied on the award-winning author and filmmaker’s advice with great success. Bono and U2, Jay-Z, Beyonce’, Amerie, and many others have experimented with 528Hz tuning in several successful tracks and albums. The Hawaiian colossal success of ‘Over the Rainbow‘ by IZ was done in 528Hz. “He intuited it,” says Horowitz.

Led Zeppelin’s ‘Stairway to Heaven,’ was done in 528Hz; and John Lennon re-tuned his white piano to record the world’s most popular peace track, IMAGINE, in 528Hz.

Not to be ‘outdone,’ last year, Dr. Horowitz published a series of music-videos titled Solfeggio Eclectica to treat people of all ages. He teaches caregivers to produce healing miracles through a ‘Frequency Rehab’ course online. Lessons include how to make energy medicines and equipment vibrating with the “power of LOVE 528” to improve healthcare while reducing costs and drug side-effects.

The doctor’s landmark science paper appears this month in Homoepathic Links journal published by Thieme Medical Publishers, a German publishing group that produces professional journals, textbooks, atlases, monographs and reference books in both German and English covering a variety of medical specialties. Thieme has more than 1,000 employees and maintains offices in seven cities worldwide.