OxySilver Questions, Answers & Detailed Instructions

(1) How much OXYSILVER™ should be taken internally in a day for your standard dose?  Standard recommended daily dosage is 1-3 teaspoons to receive beneficial effects. (Dr. Horowitz recommends always observing the “laws of the 3s, 6s, 8s and 9s” whenever you are consuming, or even doing, anything . . .  Read: LOVE The Real Da Vinci CODE to find out why.

(2) Should OXYSILVER be taken on an empty or full stomach?
Taking this product on an empty stomach is considered best. However, a few people have very sensitive stomachs and experience some minor discomfort (I,e, bloating). If this occurs, the product should be taken with food or in juice. Better tolerance in these sensitive persons has been observed after taking OXYSILVER™ for a week or two. The discomfort occurs mostly due to the killing of pathogens and subsequent detoxification. When a dosage level is finally not creating any adverse detoxification reactions, it may be gradually increased if desired.

(3) If 4 ounces should be mixed per gallon, with 2 to 8 ounces consumed per day as it says on the bottle, does this dosage equal 1 teaspoon taken up to 7 times per day. (i.e., one tsp. every 2 hours up to 7 times per day)?
No. The two to four ounces of diluted OXYSILVER™ does not equal the one teaspoon seven times a day, however both dosages are adequate as per the following question and answer.

(4) How does OXYSILVER™ compare with prescription grade silver hydrosols?
OXYSILVER™ is more powerful than even pharmaceutical brands of covalently-bonded silver hydrosols because OXYSILVER™ contains energetically structured water made with the 528Hz frequency to be especially absorptive and vibrationally “LOVING.” It is, therefore, a more powerful aid in detoxification and natural energy restoration. Which is why less is more when you add it to water; whereby the two to eight ounce drinking water range is recommended. More than eight ounces of diluted OXYSILVER™ can still produce a heavier detoxification than some people are comfortable with so be careful. Most people will not have a problem with even three glasses a day, but our recommendations here must take everyone into consideration. Many OXYSILVER™ Club leaders drink three glasses a day without any ill effects. Dr. Horowitz does not use this product daily, only as he intuitively feels is necessary to maintain his energy and infectious disease-free status.

(5) How do you recommend taking OXYSILVER™ for chronic immune system burdening ailments, and how long should the maximum dose be consumed?
People who are seriously and/or chronically ill can take two teaspoons every two hours six times daily for three months. (You can take five teaspoons daily for your entire life without getting close to your toxic dose limit.) After three months at this high dosage, it is wise to return to the regular maintenance dose for three months. (That is 1-3 teaspoons daily is generally recommended.) After you go through this three months at the lower dosage, you can return for three months at the higher dosage. In other words, alternate taking the higher dosage for three months; then the lower dosage for three months. High dose treatments are for aggressively wacking active and/or chronic infections. Once persons ailing from infectious diseases have fully recovered and maintained their health for 3 months, they can stop using this product daily. Some doctors recommend slowly reducing intake over the course of a week or two following a person’s return to optimal health. (Remember, you can always start taking it again at the first sign of challenged immunity. It is unwise to worry about developing resistant strains of germs if you use this product as recommended above, since the chance of this happening is exceedingly remote.)

(6) Can you use a metal spoon, or do you have to use a plastic spoon?
A plastic spoon is best to protect the structured water and resonant energy in OXYSILVER™

(7) Do you have to put it under your tongue to absorb it into your blood stream, or can you just swallow it?
Under the tonque is good for rapidly absorbing the 528Hz frequency of energy resonating in the structured water in OXYSILVER™. However, this is not necessary to enjoy the general benefits of this product.

(8) Can OXYSILVER™ be used topically on skin wounds and cuts, etc.?
Yes. OXYSILVER™ can be used very effectively topically for this purpose. However, Dr. Horowitz highly recommends another product for this purpose called TetrasilTetrasilver-tetroxide available through www.healthyworldstore.com.

(9) Can you put OXYSILVER™ in your eyes, like an eye drop?
Although it is not recommended for use in this way, many people have been experimenting. No harm is expected using OXYSILVER™ in this way except the eye rinse would sting your eyes about the same as rinsing with pure drinking water because it is not an isotonic saline solution. Some people have expressed benefits putting a couple of drops of OXYSILVER™ into quality over-the-counter eye washes.

(10) Is there a shelf life for OXYSILVER™? No. There is nothing infectious that is ever going to grow in it.

(11) Are there special storage instructions, like “refrigerate after opening”, etc?
No. Again, nothing harmful is ever going to grow in OXYSILVER™.

(12) What is the difference between OXYSILVER™ and colloidal silvers?
A LOT! Besides its energetic attributes, the special covalently-bonded silver-oxygen molecule makes OXYSILVER™ completely different from colloidal silvers, including the best smallest particle and uniformly dispersed silver hydrosols that do not contain this unique covalently-bonded molecule. But the 528Hz Frequency is a pioneering provision from Dr. Horowitz that peer-reviewed science proves is extraordinary. It has been shown to increase immunity by 100% increase in anti-oxidant activity. It has also been shown to increase by 20% the protection provided to central nervous system cells intoxicated by alcohol. More science is forthcoming showing that you cannot compare OXYSILVER™ to colloidal silvers. That would be like comparing bees to honey. They are related, but extremely different.

(13) How is OXYSILVER™ metabolized, broken down, or removed from the body?
Regular body proteins pick up the charged molecules of silver-oxygen. Being 400 times smaller than a red blood cell, these covalently-bonded molecules easily pass thru cell walls and can be carried away by the lymphatic system. You dispose of 98% of the OXYSILVER™ you consume in a day, so very little is left in your body after you take it. Said another way, if you accidentally drank a LITER (nearly 4 bottles of OXYSILVER™ in one day—PLEASE DON’T!) your body would have excreted all but 2% of the silver within 24 hours!

OXYSILVER™ starts its elimination process by combining with plasma proteins, after which it is removed by the liver. More than 90% is eliminated in the bile. Most of this comes out in the feces; with very little being excreted in the urine.

The 2% of silver in OXYSILVER™ that is not excreted through the bowl is deposited in the skin and mucous tissues. Tissue deposition of silver results from precipitation of insoluble salts, such as silver chloride and silver phosphate, into cell membranes mostly. These may be transformed to soluble silver sulphide albuminates and bind with amino or carboxyl groups in proteins and nucleic acids. They may also be oxidized to metallic silver by ascorbic acid, or catecholamines, and slowly excreted via your sweat glands.

Regular metallic colloidal silver products, or other poorly produced products such as silver salts or crystals, may be retained for years since your body can not process large silver particles. You either discharge them without any gain or absorb the silver particles in your tissues if they are not removed by the lymphatic system. The fatal dose of retained silver for your average human is 10 grams.

(14) Is there a toxic dose of OXYSILVER™?
Theoretically, anything can kill you if you consume too much, including pure water. OXYSILVER™ is really a trace mineral water with about 5 parts-per-million (ppm) of covalently-bonded silver in it. At 5 ppm, you would be consuming only 0.005 grams for every LITER of concentrate you drank directly out of the bottle. So you see the toxic dose of 10 grams is so far away from what a reasonable person would consume, the question is moot.

The EPA says you can drink 5 tablespoons per day (2.5 ounces) of 5 PPM regular metallic colloidal silver for 70 years with no sign of risk for even sensitive persons. Even though OXYSILVER™ contains less than 6 ppm silver, club leaders like to use these guidelines for long term use.

AIDS and cancer trails are being conducted at slightly more than the dosages suggested in number 5 above.

(15) Does OXYSILVER™ kill off good bacteria in your gut as well as disease-causing germs? This is possible, but the extent to which this may happen needs further investigation. The best thing to do to replenish important bacteria to your intestine is to eat garden-fresh organic vegetables with some soil-based microbes on the food, or else use a good probiotic such as doctor recommended, prescription-grade, GI Flora Pro™ available through www.healthyworldstore.com.

(16) Is OXYSILVER™ a nanotechnology and is it dangerous to the environment?
No, but this answer requires more explanation. OXYSILVER™ contains mostly water and a small concentration of nano-size silver particles. Although the silver-oxygen bonded molecules are being created using advanced technology, it has not been officially classified as a nanotechnology for many reasons. Among these many good reasons is the fact that it is clearly not a self-replicating form of nanotechnology capable of overtaking natural biological systems, which is a reasonable concern. Assuming it may eventually be classified as a “nanotechnology” it is unlikely to be commercially restricted because of its life-saving health-enhancing benefits.

Regarding any rumored risk to the environment from silver hydrosols, there is no scientific evidence that environmental accumulation of silver hydrols will cause any germ species extinctions. In fact, if you seriously consider this question advanced by nano-technology opponents and petrochemical propagandists who accept and neglect the environmental degradation and vaccine heavy metal intoxications you realize this promoted rumor is ridiculous recognizing microbiology’s ability to culture and mass produce germs for all kinds of reasons. Germs, unlike bees and whales, are plentiful and easily cultured.

(17) Some people are claiming OXYSILVER™ is a “pesticide.” How can this be?
Because right wing petrochemical-pharmaceutical industrialists are afraid of losing sales in dangerous antibiotics and deadly vaccines to our far safer and far superior product. So their media prostitutes are plugging this lunacy. At the same time, largely ignorant people, and otherwise biased left wing “radical” environmentalists, have petitioned the EPA to classify the nano-sized silver hydrosols as “pesticides.” Their challenge is based on the previous definition the EPA gave of “pesticide” to include undesirable germs, viruses, and fungi. But, if you read their petition carefully reflecting on the stacks of scientific articles proving life-saving safety and efficacy of silver hydrosols you realize how ridiculously radical their request to classify silver hydrosols as “pesticides” really is. Can you imagine medical patients taking prescriptions labeled “PESTICIDE?” Not likely.

(18) Can I take OXYSILVER™ when I am taking ZeoLove, or will the nanosilver be pulled from my body like ZeoLove causes to happen when this lava rock molecule is used for chelation?
You can take OxySilver and ZeoLove at the same time AFTER a week of rehydrating and detoxifying yourself with ZeoLove. Do a week of cleansing using your favorite detox regimen along with ZeoLove for most powerful and safe chelation (and clathration). ZeoLove can also be used alone for detoxification along with good hydrating pH8 body chemistry adjusting. Do this, ideally, with adequate water at least a week before taking OxySilver to avoid a common “healing crisis” (i.e., Herxheimer Reaction) that occurs when massive amounts of germs in your body are destroyed by OxySilver. The use of ZeoLove detoxification and rehydration first to detox, thus prepare, your body so you can minimize the Herxheimer reaction, ideally eliminating it altogether.

      Now, because OxySilver’s silver is bonded, permanently, to the water. The silver water goes in, does its jobs, and then is cleared rapidly and naturally by your body. More than 96% leaves your body within 24-48 hours. So this silver never gets deposited into tissues in the way chemical toxins do, or colloidal silver can too.

ZeoLove, on the other hand, is a detoxification aid; the best in the industry. It pulls heavy metals out of tissues that were deposited as poisons. ZeoLovedoes the same for chemicals in the blood.

ZeoLove, medicine’s top chelation agent, pulls minerals from the blood too. So you need to replace those minerals for health. This is why ZeoLove provides mineral supplementation to replace lost minerals.

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