Contact your members of Congress to support H.R. 3615. This Study can save millions of lives.

The Stalled ” Vaccine Safety Study Act ” Must Be Passed to Save Millions, Possibly Billions of Lives


Sherri Kane, J.T. Kong, and Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz


This is the last of six articles in this series assessing the ‘vaccine debate’ and its heavily-censored status in the advancing MKULTRA mind-control social-engineering scheme that neglects and censors peer-reviewed science and irrefutable government records proving beyond any reasonable doubt that the plagues of cancer and auto-immune diseases, aside from autistic spectrum disorders, damaging civilization today sources from lab-viruses bio-engineered to produce these diseases beginning in the early 1960s, and spread via contaminated vaccines beginning with the polio and subsequent vaccines.

This intelligence is crucial to decision-making in the coming months and years for parents, legislators, and healthcare workers. Foreign and domestic policy makers and enforcers, like members of the U.S Congress, are being bribed or otherwise forced by the multi-national corporations to impose Brave New World license on what amounts to global genocide. The villains are collectively referred to in this series of articles as the ‘Deep State.’ We have revealed the ongoing MKULTRA program financed by these generally-concealed special interests. This knowledge of behavioral science, social-engineering, and medical indoctrination we conclude is responsible for the false ‘general agreement’ that vaccines a ‘safe and effective.’ This measure of scrutiny is necessary to decide on life-saving or life-threatening vaccination policies, and the government’s response to vaccination hesitancy as a popular uprising mounts.

Given this intelligence, including government records from the Special Cancer Virus Program” (“SVCP”) that have been reclessly neglected and dismissed, the lacking attention to these critical matters, including the lack of science proving safety in large long-term studies, that is to prove a ‘positive risk/benefit’ from vaccinations, discredits the ‘general agreement’ in healthcare and elsewhere that vaccines are ‘safe and effective.’

This contrast, or hypocrisy, is remarkable, given that science ‘skeptics’ demand peer reviewed proof from alternative care providers, yet here, with vaccines, the skeptics and pro-vaccination scientists and officials neglect this most important scientific evidence required to prove their claims of ‘safety and efficacy,’ and that the ‘general agreement’ in science is favorable to getting vaccinated.  The simple fact that legislation is required to obtain this data shames vaccine advocates. The simple fact that scientists, scholars, and citizens internationally have lost confidence in established vaccine practices and their policy-makers shames vaccine advocates. The glaring deficiency in scientific proof that vaccines are not killing and maiming more people than they are helping or saving is outrageous and unconscionable.

This deficiency, resulting in what amounts to criminally-negligent manslaughter in medicine, slams MKULTRA-programmed physicians, especially pediatricians, over the heads for their gross ignorance and hypocrisy in violating their oaths to “above all do no harm.” The fact that there is no science whatsoever that assesses health risks versus benefits from vaccines condemns the intoxicating practice as unscientific and arguably demonic.

Simply stated, the MKULTRA-imposed delusion that “vaccines are safe and effective,” in the wake of concealed MKNAOMI biological weapons research and developments in and from the SVCP amounts to a treasonous genocidal attack against civilization.

In this context of urgently-required currently-missing vaccine science, these authors publicly thank Florida Congressman, Bill Posey, for advancing the “Vaccine Safety Study Act” H.R. 3615 filed for debate and vote in 2017. This generally-neglected although crucial legislation seeks to gain this fundamental knowledge. Public health protection demands this first ever ‘risk/benefit study’ proving or disproving vaccine safety. The proposed study will “compare total health outcomes” between vaccinated and un-vaccinated people, including the incidence and risk of autism, cancer, and auto-immne diseases, in the United States.

This proposed landmark independent study will likely have global effects in a world that seeks “greener” commerce and sustainability. America will be able to proudly demonstrate leadership in the protection of people everywhere, and of the environment currently placing myriad species at risk of lab-engineered viral infections, for truth, justice, and better health.


In conclusion, whatever your position for or against vaccines, or any other important issue you defend or oppose, you are likely acting under the influence of MKULTRA mind-control and its Deep State agents. And worse than not knowing this, you have been trained to resist awakening from MKULTRA’s conditioned delusions. In this context of social-engineering and mass media programming spreading false ‘general agreements,’ such as the claimed general consensus that vaccines are safe, is most deadly.