UN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Niro

UN-VAXXED TRAILER – A DOCU-COMMENTARY FOR ROBERT DE NIROUn-Vaxxed: A Docu-Commentary For Robert De Niro from Revolution Television

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by Award-Winning Author, Filmaker & Health Science Expert,

Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz










Kane_deNiro_deesHollywood (October 26, 2016)–A new film by Dr. Leonard G. Horowitz titled UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro has received international acclaim, contributing more than the “discussion” actor Robert De Niro sought by booking the film VAXXED: From Cover-up to Catastrophe, then censoring it from showing at the 2016 Tribeca Film Festival in New York. Dr. Horowitz’s film has become the “Overall Grand Jury Winner” at CINEMA LOS ANGELES, “Best Film” 2016 at the EuroCinema Film Festival in Geneva, the “Audience Grand Award 2016,” at the Cinema New York City Film Festival, the “Best Documentary Feature” at the Kiev Film Festival, and “Best Film – 2016” at the Cinemagic London Film Festival.

Last April, Robert De Niro came under fire from both sides of the vaccination safety debate after “pulling” VAXXED from the event. Agents pressured the Hollywood celebrity to censor that film by producer Del Bigtree and director Andy Wakefield. De Niro, whose son became vaccine-injured, later pledged to investigate who caused the censorship and why.   

UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro is a feature-length shocker that vets the secrets De Niro pledged to discover. It details the agents and agencies commissioned to influence De Niro, CDC policies, Congress, and the “body politic,” using the media to shape society’s attitudes towards vaccinations, resulting in worse than censorship and skyrocketing rates of autism. . . .

The Talent

Horowitz_De Niro_NSA_AIDSDr. Horowitz is a multi-award winning author and filmmaker who has bravely delivered unparalleled and unpopular messages for more than a quarter century as a Harvard-trained public health expert. The doctor served the world’s largest generic drug and vaccine distributor–Henry Schein, Inc.–during the years when AIDS emerged. He worked to allay AIDS fears distressing healthcare workers, and his research involved contaminated blood supplies and their industrial sources, including the New York City Blood Center.

This 64-year old Editor-in-Chief of Medical Veritas Online Journal spent years allaying irrational fears, and teaching citizens and health workers how to bravely and lovingly care for AIDS patients.

Since receiving his doctorate in medical dentistry from Tufts University in 1977, Dr. Horowitz has authored dozens of peer-reviewed scientific articles, nineteen books, and three national bestsellers, including the internationally-acclaimed Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional? That tomb is credited by U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) officials as a most influential book in the “anti-vaccination movement.” Horowitz’s research has convinced many readers, including several leaders of nations, to rethink emerging diseases, such as Zika, Ebola and AIDS. Vaccinations, he reports, delivered multiple “imposed plagues” for profit, and even depopulation. His shocking evidence has convinced numerous celebrities and heads-of-state internationally that what he reveals is true.

“This is a form of genocide,” the doctor explains. “Media censorship of real risks, and the public’s general ignorance and denial in the face institutionalized bioterrorism is the root problem. Fear sells drugs and vaccines. Genetic engineering and petro-chemical environmental risks are other parts of the same ‘crisis capitalism.’ Claims that we need GMOs and toxic fuels to sustain civilization are simply false. And the hypocrisy is glaring in people internationally denouncing foods made from GMOs, yet promoting vaccines all of which are made from GMOs and chemical toxins injected directly into humanity’s bloodstream. This is insane.”

Kane_Mc Chrystal“The trillion dollar drug cartel needs protection racketeers to survive,” adds investigative journalist and UN-VAXXED co-star Sherri Kane. “No one provides a more candid look into health science malfeasance and intelligence community secrets than Dr. Horowitz.”


“The HOROKANE,” Hollywood Spin, and Co-Host Kane

Sherri Kane’s fans call her “the Lynne Russell of independent media.” The attractive and articulate investigator and reporter defected from FOX News in LA to partner with the doctor in 2009. Soon they began producing videos for RevolutionTelevision.net including the edu-taining “Hollywood Spin” series of productions.  At that time Horowitz became the first researcher internationally to report on secret military-medical connections to the H1N1 Swine Flu fright, first called the “Mexican Swine Flu.”

Horowitz traced the source of that “outbreak,” and the media-driven fright, to British virologists and CDC agents with conflicting interests marketing Johnny-on-the-spot injectables through news services including Reuters.

At the same time, Horowitz’s detractors and competitors, who were selling silver solutions as vaccine alternatives, were exposed by Kane including high-ranking military and Homeland Security officials.

“This ‘competition’ in natural medicine included widely known ‘anti-government’ talk show hosts,” Kane recalls. “They mounted smear campaigns against the doctor and me for years.”

Horowitz and Kane were dubiously dubbed “The HOROKANE” by leading Internet “skeptics.” But the defamation and its agents provided leads and industrial connections to more chilling “public corruption” and drug-industry-sponsored crimes. Ultimately, the team of Horowitz and Kane discovered their detractors were commissioned to effect vast media censorship and disinformation. They effectively blocked more than 150 of the doctor’s videos originally showing on Google/Youtube.

Since that time, The HOROKANE co-created the films viewed on “Revolution Television Channel,” at RevolutionTelevision.net.

UN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Niro, is the most striking and informative of their series.




The Importance

Horokane_VAXXED_setUN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Niro presents an “impression of impropriety” in the media now tainting every level of politics and economics. The 1-hour and 26 minute feature covers fundamental issues of chaos and confusion weighing heavy on political elections, medicine, and everyone’s health and safety. Candidates pledge solutions to the “healthcare crisis,” national security concerns about migrating populations and new outbreaks, and multi-national corporations damaging the working classes–all evading the in-depth analysis provided by “The HOROKANE” in UN-VAXXED: A Docu-Commentary for Robert De Niro.

The autism issue alone presents a most daunting challenge to civilization, as well as to U.S. National Security and global economic recovery. Millions, potentially billions, of people will need special education and costly healthcare services as a result of the “mysterious” brain damage exploding in young people. Economies will be devastated by masses of unproductive adults who depend on others, taxpayers, governments, and social services to survive.

Accordingly, this film, and its disclosures of the corporate devil-doers, is urgent, compelling, and a necessary addition to every pro-vaccination or anti-vaccination debate.


“The Conspirators”

Horowitz_WakefieldThe HOROKANE became engaged in this production months before De Niro pulled VAXXED from the Tribeca Festival. The journalists joined VAXXED director Andy Wakefield on-board a cruise ship in the Mexican Riveria at the first screening of VAXXED (initially called “Injecting Lies”). There, after Horowitz screened The Paris Attacks Video, “all hell broke loose” Kane recalls. The couple witnessed and confronted a team of bad faith “infiltrators”–media propagandists, paparazzi, and defamatory bloggers coordinating efforts to discredit Wakefield and other conference speakers. Kane, and co-investigator JT Kong, later identified the agents’ and their paymasters.

The most money came from Bill Gates and corporate sponsors commissioning retired four-star-general Stanley McChrystal. The investigators discovered the McChrystal Group and a subordinate platoon of military strategists and propagandists effectively serving Big Pharma, Big Biotech, and Big Money.

UN-VAXXED then exposes never-before-considered links between leading vaccine industrialists, including Gates, News Corp.’s Rupert Murdoch, Adam Bly of Wired Science Blogs, and Gawker‘s Nick Denton, administering their “hit teams” of “counter-insurgency” agents claiming to be respected journalists. These players are vetted targeting “anti-vaxxers” using sophisticated media ploys making even breast-feeding mothers “enemies of state.”


The Diagnosis & Treatment

Horokane_Natural_v_Drugs2Horowitz intertwines segments from his decades of video records evidencing the ways and means “meme controllers” reinforce “the BIG LIE” espousing vaccine safety and efficacy. As a multi-disciplinary doctor, behavioral scientist, and humanitarian activist, Horowitz coins a new term–“PSYCHO-SCOTOMA”–to characterize the “blind spot in the public’s vision.” He argues this underlying pathology suffered by the “body politic” is caused by “injecting lies” through mass media persuasion. He evidences how this mental illness equally affects pro-vaccination and anti-vaccination positions.



This “SHOCKING” new film, now the “2016 Grand Jury Award Winner” at CINEMA LOS ANGELES and the WIFF– UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro–opens dialogue that has not only been traditionally suppressed, but generally feared. For this reason, Horowitz’s production is most deserving your faith and audience.

Devastating damage is being caused by concealing and neglecting this “discussion.” UN-VAXXED begins where the movie VAXXED and related scandals end.

Everyone concerned about concealed government-industry alliances impacting the media, politics, healthcare, and especially vaccinated people, must view and share this production bearing on outbreaks of the world’s most threatening plagues.

The filmmaker’s “treatment plan” includes this “dialogue,” without which accurate diagnosis and effective remedies are impossible.





jt: “This film is a tour de force. 5 stars!!!!!”

While others are focused on how vaccines can be made safe and effective, Horowitz and Kane make a compelling argument why that is the wrong question. Un-Vaxxed provides the who, where and why we now face the biggest medical crisis of our times. This film is a tour de force. 5 stars!!!!!

Larry Davis: “Keep our families safe.”

Great info I watched it last night going to watch it again I don’t want to miss any important info. Great video and info we need to know to keep our families safe from big pharmaceutical company’s

JennyHatch: “Delves deep into the rabbit hole.”

A most excellent expose’ that delves deep into the rabbit hole of vaccine practice, history, and current controversies around the CDC Whistleblower.

All of the important dots are connected.

It remains to be seen if President Trump will have the gumption to take them all on.

I believe he will.

Hang in there humanity!

Justice and truth are just around the corner…

Colleen Punt: “Wake up the sleeping masses.”

Great documentary, information that so needed to wake up the sleeping masses to the deadly game that is being played out on us.

Fred Dente:

Iʻm surprised and greatly disappointed that Robert DeNiro didnʻt screen the film in the first place, and let the audiences decide itʻs merits, especially since his child is a victim of the medical whores and the pharmaceutical pimps who are destroying the worldʻs health, for profit. Was Mr. DeNiro threatened? I personally know Leonard and Sherri to be totally dedicated to exposing this giant crime against humanity. They are sacrificing a lot of their personal lives and privacy to be champions for common sense, natural healing, Holistic medicine, and THE TRUTH! Their film deserves to be seen by large audiences and to be discussed, critiqued and put on the table of the common good versus the corporate doctors and medical criminals and disaster capitalists who would sacrifice the health of our children and all the rest of us for their stock portfolios and bonuses. In the case of Bill and Melinda Gates, there is no accounting for their ignorance. Maybe, they are willing to buy a legacy at any cost?

Cheryl Toyofuku: “Thorough and historical.”

Thank you for the thorough and historical investigation into the controversies, secrets, fraud and cover-ups. Your many years of service, professionalism, perseverance, sacrifice, expertise, truth-seeking and courage are truly appreciated. Another well-researched and impactful docu-commentary that many should see.

Nancy Babcock: “We can’t stop talking about this.”

Thank you for continuing to spread the truth on vaccines. We can’t stop talking about this.

Jaclyn Gallion: “Saved my 8 children.”

I was extremely blessed to be able to meet Dr. Horowitz almost 15 years ago. He is incredibly intelligent and diligently works hard to bring us information regarding a corrupt system that targets our children’s well being. I believe his information saved my 8 children from potential vaccine injury. Thank you so much Dr. Horowitz for your continued hard work and this amazing documentary that seems to compliment vaxxed very nicely. Well worth the time to watch.

Sandie Carlin: “Great stuff this is all coming out!
[I am the] 1997- 2000 JABS NZ founder/ parent of a child damaged by vaccination, vaccine injury accepted by NZ’s vaccine injury scheme.

Great stuff this is all coming out!. Sad what mans doing to man, all because of greed!.

Debbie: “Just awesome!”

This is just awesome! Thank you, once again, Dr. Horowitz!!

Ronnie Prine: “He never walked or talked.”

m.youtube.com/watch?feature=share&v=4qtHDMqCPE8 My son was hurt by the DPT vaccine in 1991 he never walked or talked and had 100 seizures a day.Eric passed away in 2014 he never lived in a boys body at 22 years old.

Mary Pulles Cavanaugh: “This needs to go viral!!!”

This needs to go viral!!! What do they not control? That is my question.

R. Newman: “Kudos to all the whistleblowers.”

A real eye opener.

Kudos to all the whistleblowers, and to everyone who put this together.

Cynthia Ward: “Great film.”

Great film. I will be sharing. In defense of the producers of VAXXED I believe they have move from the “safe” vaccine vernacular. I have seen VAXXED and it was amazing. I was also privileged to participate in a Q and A met Dr. Wakefield and Polly Tommey, and have watched many other Q and A sessions from the film and they have all said at one time or another, since the film came out, that they do not believe in vaccines. Dr. Wakefield has unvaccinated children if I remember correctly. We cannot be silent.

J. Singer: “Promote wider discussion.”

I really wish that English subtitles were available for this. I’d like to promote wider discussion among those with lesser English proficiency in my W.E.L.L. Project series. (We Enjoy Lifelong Learning) #movies-w” target=”_blank” rel=”nofollow noopener noreferrer”>yourvirtualworld.tv/anims/JMDB/#movies-w

Burton Goldberg, Editor and Publisher, Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine: “Superb presentation.”

Superb presentation and truthful.
If u r interested in a safe vaccine, nontoxic, go to burtongoldberg.com on home page red bar “the truth about vaccines.” It’s interactive. Scroll to bottom and click away. Your Dr can certify that your child has been successfully vaccinated.

Pam Breezeatl: “Important truths.”

Thank you Dr. Horowitz for sharing these important truths. I hope everyone listens…Praying for your continued health and well being.

Millie: “Excellent Truth Documentary”

With truth like this..Who in the world would ever want another shot of their poison..Was there ever safe Vaccines? This is an excellent Truth Documentary. Thank you Dr Horowitz and Sherri ..Why would anyone put trust in this evil System,Look at what they are doing with our food…..Genocide to all the Most Highs people….Stay in his Glory..

PollyTickle1: “Making vaccines safER”

Making vaccines safER implies they were never safe in the first place and still are not safe but they can’t even recognize their own cognitive bias. The issue here is FORCING people to take medications that knowingly harm or kill.

Carla Davis MPH: “Must watch documentary.”

This is a must watch documentary for every parent, doctor, health professional, government decision maker, and concerned citizen.

UN-VAXXED is an extraordinary exposé ABOUT the powerful forces behind the vaccine industry;
WHAT is happening to our health care freedom and the rights of parents to protect their children and deny medication without consent;
WAYS we are being socially engineered;
WHY doctors and whistle-blowers who speak up about the truth are being bullied, threatened, and destroyed;
HOW our elected decision makers in government are being influenced…under the guise of public health.

When it comes to investigative medical journalism/documentaries and connecting the dots, Dr. Horowitz is among the best and most courageous there is! His knowledge is brilliant and his findings are always years ahead of others. This documentary by Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane is educating, dynamic, and shocking.

THANK You Dr. Horowitz and Sherri Kane. You are true health heroes!

issac Freeman: “Amazing documentary!!”

Amazing documentary!! Filled with facts. It is a must watch. I always learn alot from these to. Watch and spread like wild fire.

Whole Earth Project: “Deep Beyond VAXXED.”

VAXXED was amazing film not only exposed corrupt pharmaceutical industry but makes it so clear that whole entire system on earth is base on corporation greed and genocide of Earth Population. This UN-VAXXED video showing us deep beyond the VAXXED. Collection of facts, evidence and connection of people showing us motive of those who trying to kill all of us. If people see this video and still believe this is only the CONSPIRACY THEORY, I don’t know how can I help nor what can i said to them…
Must watch and think what’s really going on…….

Not Sure/rambling: “Dumbing down of America”

‘Idiocracy’ a 2006 movie on the dumbing down of America, Vaccinations, perhaps the catalyst to take it from a fiction film to an actual “how to” video combine childhood vaccines with some teenage psychotropic medications to help with their depression of not having any meaningful job options,(no work in this country) give them welfare/disability to help pay for a realistic video game console that makes 24hr 3D violence a fun past-time, and of course, no childhood religion, that’s gone, take away family structure, perhaps add in one of those modern family structures, reinforce them for there confused feelings, its normal………

Cathy: “Rolling in $$$$”

The very unfortunate part of this is that this information has been known for over half a century, yet the powers that be in the drug companies and their lobbyists that convince our government to do this atrocity are rolling in $$$$ and therefore can spread the lies and deceit far and wide.

Linda: “Well researched documentary.”
Well researched documentary. Sadly, I would not put it past Big Pharma to put profit ahead of our safety. We all have the right to know what we are eating (GMOs, pesticides, etc.), injected with, and how what we watch on TV can be manipulating our minds. Many thoughtful ideas were presented in this documentary.

Phenn: “Horowitz nails it.”

As always, dr leonard horowitz nails it. check out his book that took a global shit on the military medical complex, the us govt and their ‘patents’ on virus’ such as ebola and in collusion with the FDA, cointel pro/FBI/CIA covert operations, big pharma, et al. watch it on youtube youtu.be/6bPDBND2jL4, or support the doc and buy his book amazon.com/Emerging-Viruses-Nature-Accident-Intentional/dp/0923550127 and visit his curezone site – their oxysilver works !! i was battling colon cancer since 2012, and i refused to be a CHEMOsabe, and added oxysilver to my natural alternative medicine regimen, making my oncologist a believer. find oxysilver here healthyworldaffiliates.com/5599

Michael Wayne: “Power to bring this information.”

Thank you for your investigative work into this controversial subject. I admire you for your work and am grateful you have the strength, intelligence and power to bring this information forth. This is excellent! Blessings!!

Stephen Donovan: “Hero on behalf of humanity”

Dr. Leonard Horowitz is a hero on behalf of humanity in exposing how Big Pharma and even governmental and military entities have conspired to harm humanity. I haven’t seen his film (yet), but if you’re in NY, London, Geneva or Kiev, I would recommend seeing his film. His book, Emerging Viruses, is one of the most powerful books I’ve ever read on the role of US governmental entity involvement in the global eugenics movement.

So, if you’re even near one of those places, I’d recommend making the trip to see his film. It might not get the “buzz” of the film, VAXXED, so I’d make a special effort to see it. And, in fact, I will.

Attorney James Robert Deal wrote (Dec 27, 2016):

You asked for feedback, so here it comes. First, this is an excellent video. But …

The names of the presenters should be shown from time to time. And what is the name of the co-presenter? Oh, at the end I see it is Dr. Horowitz and you, Sherri Kane.

Should you dress in white lab coats with stethoscopes around your necks? People believe people in white coats.

The infrequent background music is questionable.

Also the surrounding stage effect – 528, Hollywood Spin, RTV, and the sheriff’s badge – are distracting and make the characters look small.

The speeches by Rev. Wright – although probably correct on all points – are a little over the top and some issues mentioned are not connected with vaccines.

At 18:44 there is mention of population reduction. Yes, Gates is crazy about vaccines. But, I think the Gates argument is that with fewer children dying, parents will have fewer children – not that vaccines will kill their children – although vaccines really are killing them. Gates was probably aware that the TDaP distributed in Africa contained fertility suppressing agents. He should have finished college.

You both mispronounce Reed Elsevier. https://www.google.com/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=elsevier%20pronunciation

Regarding the Spanish flu epidemic, you did not point out the over dosing with aspirin, which had just become generic because Bayer lost its patent. Flu victims were given double the LD 50 for aspirin, day after day. http://cid.oxfordjournals.org/content/49/9/1405.full

I covered this in http://jamesrobertdeal.org/attorneys-viewpoint-vaccinations/. Search for aspirin.

You seem to oppose all the CDC approved vaccines. I agree. Research money should go into the homeopathic vaccines.

I am still wondering if conventional vaccines have a place, such as the new ebola vaccine. And what about the animal vaccines for distemper and brusellosis?


James Robert Deal , Attorney & Broker

PO Box 2276 Lynnwood WA 98036

Direct Telephone Line: 425-771-1110
Fax: 425-776-8081

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DR. HOROWITZ’s REPLY (Dec. 28, 2016):

Hello Attorney Deal,

Thanks for taking the time to send us your thoughts on my production of UN-VAXXED: A Docu-commentary for Robert De Niro.

Out of courtesy to the potential benefit your work favoring vaccine-injured people as a litigator may have, I am taking the time to reply to your mail to Sherri Kane.

I take your comments as reflecting your personal bias, and not in any way personally offensive. Your “feedback” is mostly accurate, well taken as “constructive criticism,” but clearly, from a non film-maker missing both appreciation for artistic expression and many material facts present in the film itself.


Your statements on Rev. Wright’s segment being “over the top” is incongruous with your area of expertise in law and other statements you made.

It doesn’t make much sense for instance, for someone litigating against vaccine industrialists, to minimize the outrageous and unconscionable administration of genocide impacting billions of people worldwide.

Nor does your statement consider the context in the film in which Rev. Wright’s segment appeared–directly following evidence of hepatitis B vaccine transmissions of HIV/AIDS linked directly to the gay cohort in NYC and pilot trials 1972-1974; and Rev. Wright’s dutiful defense at the National Press Club favorably citing me and my book, Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola–Nature, Accident or Intentional?

That was Wright’s reasonable defense against the African-American genocide–mercury toxicity, “dashing your baby’s brains against a rock.”

The clear and convincing evidence, including Dr. Hilleman’s admissions segment in the film, Dr. Gallo’s unnerving defense segment in the film, and the uncontroverted (tacitly admitted) hepatitis B vaccine association to HIV/AIDS upon which Rev. Wright’s statements were sequenced, causing now a reported 37 million deaths worldwide, cannot be justifiably or reasonably dismiss as “over the top.”

Without putting much more time into replying to other defects in your “feedback,” I just want you to know I once wrote a paper on “The Absurdity of Judging Artistic Creativity.” I wrote it for the journalist community.

For instance, I consciously chose not to include “white lab coats” and “the names of the presenters.”

I have used those techniques in the past, and regularly used the i.d. tags in shorter “Hollywood Spin” segments. I consciously chose not to use them in this one for artistic considerations.

Michael Moore, similarly, didn’t wear a white lab coat in SICKO, or use any presenter identifications. People knew it was Michael Moore.

Our regular audience knows who we are, and others, such as yourself who don’t know who we are, or what we have already contributed in the vaccine risk awareness movement simply ask the question (like you did over and over in your mind as you watched wondering and missing the tags) “Who are these people.” You see the technique worked. You found out in the end (even if you missed our introduction in the beginning). I purposely neglected the repeated tags also because I felt they would have cheapened the work and been “over the top” gratuitous.

The artistic creativity applied, and key messages delivered, must have worked for many viewers. The film has already won five international awards, including “Best Film – 2016” in London and Geneva.

The main message of the film you neglected to mention. Perhaps that is what you wrote was “excellent” about it. I think most reasonable people who watch UN-VAXXED agree with your general endorsement. But from a critical perspective, the film is unprecedented. There has never been a more thorough vetting of the paid propagandists protecting Big Pharma’s racket. I think the awards UN-VAXXED has received were granted primarily for this reason.

Anyway. I’ve got to run. I have an appellate court reply brief to file. Just thought I would touch base with you as a professional courtesy in good faith.

Wishing you success, and blessings in your work on behalf of humanity’s health and safety.

Leonard G. Horowitz